Protect  Your Children Moms

Hello Mommies! This community may not be popular but it is necessary! It is dedicated to teaching each other ways to protect our children from outside harm from others. Basically from people who want to harm our children. This community is open to anyone who understands that our children need to be protected. And they want to learn more about how to protect them and what we can do in our communites to stop victimization of children.This is also a place for us women who have already been through that kind of pain so we can share and learn and try to move on from it! I know you may be thinking why join this community but I will make sure to have articles and resources up to help us prevent what has happened to us from happening to our children. Talking about it will help us grow and also help us become better mothers!!! Please do not shy away, have courage share your story. You never know how it may change someones life for the better. I will share mine!!!


Boundaries with Kids

I have been reading Boundaries with Kids by Townsend and Cloud. It is a great book! I think it really applies to this group because not only is it about how to create...


Hello Everyone

Thank you for taking the step to join our community. I call it ours because it is not just mine it is for all women who want to protect our children. As you can see there are...


The Child Molestation Prevention Plan

A Fact Today, at least two out of every ten little girls and at least one out of every ten little boys are victims of a sexual abuser. That can change. We now have the power...



Thank you for joining with me. The reason I made this community is because I wanted to have a place to talk and share my fears and worries about raising children in our world...