Ptosis-mothers of kids with ptosis!

This is for mums of children who suffer from Ptosis. All are welcome to join us and telll us their experiences.



Hi! My name is Andrea, my father and I and now my son have all been born with ptosis of both eyes. My son is 21 months and I am looking for a good surgeon for him. I live in...


My boy and his ops!

My little boy was born with ptosis. He had a black eye due to a very hard labour but we were told it would get better once the swelling had gone down. He also looked like the...


Light Sensitivity?

My son had his surgery at age 3, and is now 10. He still continues to suffer from extreme light sensitivity, especially at school. Anyone else's child have this issue or does...


Terrified about the op!!

My 23 month old Son has congenital Ptosis of his right eye. He has been seeing the othoptic consultant since he was 6 months old. They are now saying his sight is starting to...


Doctor Question?

Hello, I am new to this group...I have two daughters with ptosis. My oldest has bilateral ptosis and my youngest only has it in her right eye. I was wondering if anyone...


Eye Test

My lttle boy had an eye test last week that didn't go so well!!! The main reason for him having the ops so young was to try to keep his eye sight as good as it seemed to be....