Bullied by my son in law! Desperate for Advice; My 16 year old son is being bullied by my daughter's husband. This has been going on for years. The situation is becoming worse. My son is answering back to my son in-law in self defense and my son in law is taking offense by accusing my son of disrespect. Then when I stand up in defense of my son, my son in law points out to me that I need to teach my son respect! What has been the most hurtful for my son and I, my daughter quickly attacks verbally her brother by questioning him! Why are you answering back? She makes excuses for her husband, like he's not having a good day or he doesn't realize what he's saying. My son in law is 30 years old and a strong muscular built. My 16 year old son weighs 105 lbs and height is 5'8. He has several medical conditions. I have had it. This last incident, almost got out of control. My daughter made him apologize to me which he did, but ignored my son. Just to add my son in law walked up to me as if he was going to hit me when I was yelling at him in defense of my son. My daughter keeps pointing out that he asked for forgiveness. How many more times is my son an myself going to have to put up with my son in law bullying us?