Purpose Driven Life

I am setting up this community for Mom's who would like to read and participate in the Purpose Driven Life, written by Rick Warren. I am interested in reading the book and having people to discuss the readings and Discussion Questions with. Reading can be done at your own pace, just thought it would be nice to work on this book with more people.


Day 1

I know that this group was opened years ago, however, I have just started reading this book. Does anyone need a refresher and want to read along?


Day 2- You are Not an Accident!

Day 2 tells us that God planned us even before we were born. He knew what we were going to do in life, how long we were going to live, how we were going to be born, etc.When God...


Day 1- It All Starts With God

Day 1 taught us that to find our purpose in life we must start with God. Only God knows our purpose, because we were born for his purpose. Point To Ponder: It's not about me....



Hello, I figured this would be a good place for people to get to know each other! Feel free to post a little bit about yourself, or ask any questions! My name is Amber. I am 22...



Hello everyone, I am hoping to use this community as a discussion group for the book Purpose Driven Life. I would like to use this as a place for people reading the book, or who...