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Is 4 months old too early to start baby food like apple sauce?

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4  Answers

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Well I would start on veggies first if your pediatrician agrees to it. Most babies aren't ready until 6 months. We started ours on avacado. Of course she has allergies and intolerances

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I started my 3 month old on cereal, then by 4 months he was getting his fruits and veggies and he loves it. My pediatrician said its fine. It all depends on the baby. If he can push the food to the back of his mouth and swallow.

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Jillian Rose dose cereal make his poop soft. How soft is it

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I would try giving your 4 month old rice cereal for starter if they dont like it than add some baby food to it for flavor. I started giving my son rice cereal at 3 months and than started to add baby food to it at 4 months. So it wont hurt to give it a try.

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I don't think so.
Although I know there are about a million and two people who would disagree with me. They say 6 months now a days. The reasons are I'm sure a mile long, but the main reason is they say 4 months is too early incase they have a food allergy. If they have a food allergy they are going to have a food allergy. The age wouldn't make a difference.
If your baby is interested in food. (Watches you eat, grabs for food. etc) then I think 4 months is just fine.
Good Luck to you!


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When I took my baby in for her four month appointment my doc said they are finding its harder for babies it digest that young so to wait to do cereals till five an half months. And full on solids about six an a half months, also I would always start with veggies. And do the same food for three days to see if there are any reactions. Hope that helped. Good luck!

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