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Is there anything we can take or do to increase milk supply?

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6  Answers

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I tried Oatmeal chocolate chip but didn't find any difference. Instead, Healthy nursing tea helped and booted my supply.

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Oatmeal, almonds and lot of water. I have a 5 month old whom I Ebf, haven't experienced any storage of milk yet.

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For me, I was told by my grandmother and my mother in law to eat lots of cream of wheat ! And I seems like it really does work for me. I also pump when I have the chance before or after a feeding and I drink a lot of water and milk. I also try to eat a lit of fruits and vegetables. But if it was anything out of all of that if I had to choose id say the cream of wheat and lots of water really works.

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Pump after feeding. Fenugreek 3x/day. Why do you think you aren't producing enough milk??

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Dates......dates......dates. Eat dates

I know how you feel...I bf my son until he was 2 yrs old and went throught supply shortage several times, I tried everything too. Now I have a 5 month old baby that I am nursing and I accidently discovered that "DATES" are amazing for milk supply.... Dates are incredibly healthy and I LOVE to eat night I ate some and the next morning my breast were so full that I was I tried this several times and it was the dates.... A few weeks later I noticed my milk supply was getting low so I order 7 lbs from I try to eat 5 to 7 dates every night...sorry if it is repeat info, just wasted to make sure I share that

Dates increase milk supply and makes even healthier... My daughter was 7lbs 11 oz at birth and now she is 20 lbs at 5 months.

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U could pump more often... I would pump right after feedings for five minutes or so... U could also pump when u know your baby is Gunnar b asleep for a while.. That way yur baby doesn't wake up hungry and u have just pumped yourself dry.... Lol...breastfeeding is a supply and demand thing so if u want more milk u have to stimulate your npples like your baby is actually eating more by pumping....also KEEP hydrated and get enough sleep if u can... Those both have a lot to do with milk supply!!! Good luck and keep up the nursing!

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I meant gunna not Gunnar ..haha

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oatmeal, eat oatmeal for breakfast every day

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the one thing that i did not see in any of your comments is that hiw hard it is and very time consuming and if you dont have time then it could become very difficult for you and the baby

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