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If a baby rubs their eyes or ears while feeding, does it mean something is wrong?

It's hard to tell what a baby is thinking before they can speak. If they tend to rub their eyes or ears more when feeding, should moms be worried?

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17  Answers

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when my benny does it, it generally means im ready for a nap... : ) x

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when my kids rub their eyes while feeding it usually means they are sleepy and if they have a pain in their eye like an eye lash they usually wine and don't eat properly. For rubbing their ears while feeding it always means that their teeth are bothering them...both my kids when they started teething started pulling their ears and never stopped till they were done teething. For the most part a mom gets to know her baby well enough that her baby does not need words to tell her whats wrong a mother can sense it anyway and even if u are not sure u can always call someone or ask someone for advice or bring ur child to a doctor. For me i don't worry much cause i know what is going on when they rub their eyes or ears for a feeding.

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Sounds like tired signs to me.

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I don't think so, unless he/she has a bothered look on their face- like something is hurting. I think you have the best judgment as a mother to whether or not it's a bad eye rub or a "I'm tired" eye rub.

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well for both of mine, the constant rubbing of the eyes while eating means SLEEPY! lol .... and my son never grabbed at his ears unless they were hurting.... my daughter seems to grab at her ears a lot... so i don't know what that is all about.

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When my son does that, he's already sleepy.

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If they rub their eyes it usually means they are wanting to take a nap. If they rub their ears sometimes it could mean they have a ear infection or it could be a comfort

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My son does it with his ears It seems to be a comfort thing!

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I agree with all of the other posters. This means they're tired.

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yes its true...when my daughter rubs yes and ears while feeding she is always willing to get to sleep.You don't have to worry about it.

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Why be worried? If the child isn't fussing or crying while doing it, it's just for comfort. My son rubs his head. He does it to soothe himself to sleep even when I'm rocking him. I've discovered that if I rub his head like he does, he konks right out.

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Davy always does it wen feeling sleepy

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Mine does that when he doesn't want any more food, it's more like a frustration sign, specially if he hasn't eaten enough and I insist.

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no hon! It just means you darling feels sleepy. Especially when babies feed ( breast feed or bottle feed) they tend to fall asleep. This later on becomes the other way around too. Which means,

Now: she feeds to fill her tummy and falls asleep as a part of the process.
Later: She feeds( breast feed or bottle feed) for falling asleep and not filling her stomach.

Therefore, once you learn that your baby is having her bottle feeds just for habit purpose then slowly shift her bottle into anti spill sippers. gradually, feeling uncomfortable with the bottle, your darling will loose the habit of bottle feeding.

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I would say when a baby does this. They are tired.

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It Means that they are slepy

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