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Is it bad to let my daughter sleep in the bed with me?

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5  Answers

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Why would it be bad? I'm tired of so called "experts" telling us how to raise our children, if your child feels safe and comfortable sleeping with you, let her! the day will come soon enough when she'll be a teenager and want to be as far away from you as possible! take advantage and cherish every moment of their childhood.

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It can be an ok thing but can become an issue in time, depends on the age of the child as well... There's much more things to do in bonding with children either reading to them before bed time or watching a movie/show, playing a board game & talking before getting ready for bed! Letting her know that she's a big girl now & having her own bed gives her confidence, read a book with her before you say goodnight & that you love her & you're proud of her gives her confidence that she's growing up. Night light if she doesn't like the dark & a crack in the door way helps too... Parents need time & privacy as well when children are getting older & in no time she will do just fine. If she's dreaming ( nightmares ) then seek the source of them & reassure her that she is safe & loved, reading funny happy books at her age level helps, I use to read to my son every night while he was buddies up under his bed sheets as I would sit on the edge of the bed & we truly enjoyed our time before he fell asleep. He's 20 now & still remembers our reading time plus he would say I'm a big boy I have my own room & my own bed.
Best of luck!

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It's not going to do much other than get your child used to sleeping with you - a very difficult habit to break. My fiance has a six and a half year old and he still desperately wants nothing other than to sleep with mom. He's waaaay too big for that crap. I fight tooth and nail every night to put him back in bed each time he "sleepwalks" out of his bed (he's full of crap) and her 3 year old daughter as well.

Don't start this practice unless you're ready for 4-7 years of it.

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I have 4 children and everyone of them slept with me till they were between 3 and 5 when they decided they were done. Every now and then they will still climb in bed with me and that goes for my oldest whos 16. If they need a little extra mom time who am I not to give it to them.

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Our daughter still sleeps with us and she is 8. We started a really bad thing and now it's hard to break her of it. I have heard both that it's either good or it's bad. I think it depends on the parents. Are you married? If so, and your spouse is fine with it, I don't see a problem with it. When both parents work, that really the only to get to spend with them. I love having my with us at night. :)


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