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Is it bad that my 4 month old sleeps on his stomach?

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5  Answers

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If hes rolled over onto his tummy by him self then no, id never lie them on their belly incase they cant roll back over thats when its dangerous because they can suffocate but if hes doing it by himself its fine because he can roll back. it scared me to death when my baby started doing it i kept going in and rolling him back onto his back but he kept moving back onto his belly! hes 1 now and will only sleep on his tummy xx

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my thoughts are to let them sleep on their stomachs cause they're going to turn that way anyway no matter how you put them down. I have two kids and they both slept on their stomachs as infants. at first I was afraid and would check on them constantly but all was always well. one thing I strongly recommend though is to not put anything in where they sleep, not even a blanket till 6 months

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Some doctors will tell you that once a baby can roll over themselves it's fine. Also, the greatest risk is between the ages of 2 and 4 months so your son is out of the biggest window of risk now. We let all of our kids sleep on their stomachs from birth. In our case, it made a huge, huge, HUGE difference in terms of their quality of sleep. It was like night and day. They didn't have any other risk factors (nobody in the home smoked, they were exclusively breastfed, good birth weight, we're white, I wasn't a teenage mom, etc). It's not worth it if you're going to sweat bullets and worry all night long. It's mostly what you're comfortable with.

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I had my son on his back and always lay him on his back, but he started sleeping on his stomach at about 6 months old, most of the time he sleeps in a kneeling position, but on his stomach.. I think as far a SIDS goes, just keep blankets, stuffed animals and bumpers out and you should be fine. Our son is 17 months old now. I did eventually put bumpers in, because his leg would get caught in the crib..

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My daughter did, I was very careful.. no extra blankets, toys or anyting the sleeping area..of course no one recommends this because of the possibility of SIDS...but my daughter just could not rest on her back all the time...But she could move her head around pretty good after about 3 mths..

And sometimes she just slept on my stomach.

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Yes it is bad. I lost my little brother to SIDS and he was sleeping on his stomach. Even if your son seems more at peace on his tummy, just roll him over to his back because the pain of loosing a child/sibbling in truley unbarable. I have a 9 month old and she is always trying to roll over to her tummy and sleep but I always roll her back over to her back and she ends up waking up but thats ok with me because she is in a substantially safer position.

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