Best way to share your child's strengths without bragging?

You're proud of your child - of course you are! But you don't want to sound like you're bragging to other parents, especially not if you know they're struggling in the areas your child is doing well in. How do you share your child's victories without putting another parent down?

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It's a slippery slope- it often comes across as obnoxious or competitive when exalting your childrens' accomplishments. I usually don't talk about my children's accomplishments with other parents unless specifically asked. However, I am always celebrating my kids' successes with them and they know how proud I am of them!

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I agree that you have to be very really careful. Some people are inclined to hear anything positive about somebody else's kids as bragging. In general, I only offer up information when specifically asked or when it's extremely relevant to the conversation.

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It's a fine line. I usually let my daughter show her own strengths to people. I let her show people her school work, report cards, and art. She loves to tell people about her accomplishments. Of course I make sure she's not going overboard. You can definitely see when people's eyes start glazing over. I also ask her to change the topic if she's talking about something that someone else can't do. I will also point out something that the other child can do that my daughter's still learning. It's always easy to find something.she needs to work on. Or we'll talk about something that both kids know how to do or are learning.
And I don't give advice to someone unless they ask for it, or if I can see they really do have no idea what they're doing. Most of the time I just let them do things there own way. Eventually every child will get to where they need to be. And that place is definitely not the same for every child.

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I usually start with something like, "Guess what my daughter did?" You should be proud of everything your child accomplishes. And if it is something another parent is struggling with, talk to them about what the struggle is and what they have tried. And give them input on what you have done, or your child has done that has helped him or her succeed. It is not bragging unless you are intentionally putting down another person's child or you are making it a competition.

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My baby has hydrocephalus. he has a shunt... and we will not know what or if there is any brain damage until he reaches 'learning stage' or if he doesn't reach 'milestones' or so. I am always excited to see my baby do something new, because it means that he might be fine when he grows up. It's so sad that people have to worry what other people think of them if they are proud of their baby. just because 'my baby can sit, and your's doesn't yet' doesn't mean anybody is better. your baby might be able to walk sooner than mine. there is no competition when it comes to something. If somebody is going to get offended because my baby can do something, no matter what it is, then they are selfish! there's no need to see discussing your child's ability as bragging, or even offensive. I always share my babies new accomplishments with other moms, but i always ask how their baby is too... and i say stuff like, wow, i see she's doing this now, or wow, she never did that before. I've never been negative about anybody's baby, and have never been offended when somebody talks about how their baby is developing! it becomes an awesome conversation, not any kind of competition. xxxxx


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