Can a 3 week old eat cereal?

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6  Answers

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No, they can develop digestive problems later in life from eating too early.

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NO! Only breastmilk or formula until approx. 4 months!:)

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Definitely not! A three week old needs to nurse or have formula every few hours. If you are trying to get your baby to sleep for longer stretches at three weeks, you're doing it wrong.

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i used to put a tiny bit in my sons bottle and he took it well .it filled him up and he would sleep comfortably.only a tiny bit ,enough to fill their little tummy. when they reach about 4 months then you can add more. i guess it depends on the child if they can digest it well or not.

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No, nothing other than breast milk or formula until about 4 months.
Why are you wanting to start cereal?

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No and Dr's say 6 month I have four children and never fed anything but breastmilk for 6 months They are healthy thin and have great eating habbits. If you need to dilute the food by sticking it in a bottle it means that the child is not ready for food

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