Can changing your formulas affect your baby?

Sometimes you start on one baby formula but decide to switch to another. Can changing formulas impact your baby, or are they all pretty much the same?

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YES YES YES!!! My 2nd child who was a full term 8 lb baby had severe colic. We originally had her on Enfamil Newborn. She would scream and flail her body about in pain. It took my Dr. telling me to try 3 other formulas before we found Enfamil Nutramigen. For her first 4 months she was on that. It worked like a charm, within hours. Her screaming stopped and she because a content baby. At 4 months, being the formula is double the price of other ones, after speaking with her Dr., I put her on Enfamil Gentlease. She handled it much better this time around (at birth it was one that we tried and it did not help).

She has since been on it. I did try to give her Similac Sensitive and instantly she started screaming and became uncomfortable yet again. I thought it was the same as Enfamil Gentlease but it turns out it is not. I saw the difference in her immediately.

My advice is that if one works, do not switch back and forth as it can mess with a little ones system, resulting not only in pain for the baby but pain for the parents since they will be dealing with a screaming baby. :)

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Sometimes you do have to switch to find one that works for your child. My first son did not seem to care and we could give him anything. After 8 months of trying just about every kind of formula for our second son, we finally decided to try soy and the spit up stopped. Nutritionally yes they are all about the same but it just depends on what your baby needs. If you are having problems and you find one that works, then stick with it. If you are still having problems, try something else.

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absolutely, my first was formula fed and had issues with reflux and constipation so we switched, constipation problem solved.. but still severe reflux, so we switched again to one that thickened in the stomach and helped immensly, it's best not to switch around just for the sake of it, but if you have issues it is worth changing and trialling a new one for a couple of weeks to see if that formula makes an improvement.

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Nutrition wise they are all pretty much the same but some babies tolerate one brand better than others. Our son has horrible reflux so when switching formulas are doctor suggested we try both Enfamil and Similac (we also tried good start before Alimentum and Nutramigen). Our son has always tolerated Similac better with the exception of Enfamil AR. I have also found he tolerates powder, concentrate, and ready to feed differently. I have several friends (and our first child) who had no problems switching formulas as long as the type stayed the same (soy, milk, gas, etc). I don't believe it is harmful and it is the only way to find what works best for your baby.

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Ok so my son is 7 weeks old, he breastfeed for a few weeks and then I put him on good start, things were good for a few weeks and then he seemed to have pains in his tummy. Wasn't constipated and would poop every other day. So I thought maybe the formula was upsetting his stomach so 2 days ago I got similac soy formula and it was OK, but he finally pooped today and it was solid, and alot smaller then normal. When he was on the good start it wasn't formed but wasn't diarrhea either... Now the pains in his stomach seem to be back and I'm torn on what to do... Do I go back to good start? Or wait it out to see if hisbpoop loosens back up?? Help!!

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I just recently changed my daughter milk from similac advance. to good start Gerber soy. because she throws up after every feeding. and doctors said so. but it seems like she doesn't like it. how do I get her use to her new milk?

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we started with enfamil but then i found an amazing deal on similac so decided to give it a try. dd has no problems with it and they are all basically the same at the end of the day so i wouldnt be too concerned!

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yes. yes it can effectur baby in many different ways. health and amune system

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My elder son, Jonathan was on S27 when he was a new born and had really bad constipation problem, So we switched him to Mamex from Dumex, and he was all better. However, because he is a picky eater, very soon our pediatrician told us to switch to Pedisure, and he has been on this ever since.

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A newborn already labeled as picky eater? I give my 7 mo every kind of veg n top of BM and the formula I have to supplement her with and just as I thought, she eats everything. I used my nutritionist tip - give her vegs only during first 3 weeks she starts solids. fruit mix in later as they can develop a sweet tooth. My stepson used to be raised on fruit and snacks, later on junk food and he has problems eating my normal menu even though I've tried to encourage him for the past 4 years. Bad habits can ruin the child's health. I serve us normal dinners like pork chops potato and green beans, but he was used to eating just the meat and then having fried cheese folowed by cheeseballs and candy! Back to topic , I had her on gerber soothe for bad colic and now switched her to Enfamil cus im starting wic, reluctantly, (I didnt want the gov's help in the beginning but formula's so expensive and she doubled her intake lately. Sigh.) She seems to not have noticed the switch at all, but it might be thanks to every other bottle she gets being breastmilk... Good luck everyone with your cute babies and do not give up, even on formula you can still deveop good eating habits.

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Nutritionally, they are all the same. However, I just switched my daughter from enfamil to similac and it had changed her sleep cycle substantially. She was breastfed the first 2 months of her life; from 2 to 4 months she was BF half the the time and bottle fed the other, than went to all formula. She was on enfamil infant up until a week ago and she is doing great on similac. She's now 10 months and FINALLY sleeps through the night. I also noticed that she takes powder way better than the concentrated one or the ready to use one. I have tried a lot of them... She threw up or refused to eat the ones she didn't do well with... Have tried similac advance, gerber good start, enfamil newborn, enfamil lipil/infant, enfamil gentlease, enfamil soy, back to enfamil infant (and even tried enfamil restfull) and now she's back on similac advance. It's just a matter of what works for your baby. Gas, comfort, and sleep cycle all play a factor in it. Best of luck to you.


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