Can dyeing your hair during pregnancy causes any baby effects?

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The American Pregnancy Association says that very little dye is absorbed into the skin in this process, and that if you wait until the second trimester, and use a semi-permanent or temporary dye, that you've greatly minimized any possible effects. Do make sure to VENTILATE though. Super important to not breathe that stuff in.

It's worth noting, however, that very little research is done on the effects of hair dye used by pregnant women. So while you can minimize risk, there is still risk, and it is relatively unknown.

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I had my hair dyed before I knew I was pregnant. The only thing I noticed was that my skin was a bit more sensitive. I dyed my hair again at about 14 weeks to hide my horrible roots. The first time was at a salon the second was a home dye. I haven't had a single issue. I made sure that at home I ran the bathroom fan.

Really the fumes are going to be what could affect the baby more that the topical products.

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Skin is the biggest organ of our body and acts as a protective and filtering mechanism. Any product put on the skin is absorbed into our body. Any effects on your body or that of the baby would depend on the product used. There are a lot of natural hair colours available through health stores which may be the best option if pregnant or otherwise. Also remember this when putting things on the skin of your baby and avoid talc as its make up is similar to that of asbestos. Look for natural products and those which do not contain Sodium Laurel Sulphate or petroleum based products. Avoid bubble baths also - can increase risk of urinary tract irritation or infections.

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No but it can cause you ill effects. You can become more sensitive and prone to reactions, with my last 2 pregnancies I ended up having to use special soap, shampoo and creams because my skin would just react to anything and normally it doesn't.

If you do want to dye your hair then I recommend definitely doing the 24 hour skin test.

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Is it worth the risk? I assume everything I do will effect my baby. Different Drs have different opinions and of course the people who make the dye are going to tell you its safe. You are only pregnant for 9 months your hair can wait.

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no, it is a rumor. I read that it doesn't.

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My doctor told me (and I think they all have their opinions) that dying my hair was safe, in moderation, as long as I made sure there was plenty of ventilation so I wasn't breathing a lot of the fumes. I only dyed my hair twice with the first son and 3 times with this one, instead of the usual every month or two touch up jobs.

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honestly i dont think so i just wouldnt breath it..i didnt but id just ask ur dr..?


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