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Can you stop nursing for a few days and then start again?

There are a number of different complications that could lead a mom to rethink her decision to stop nursing, but is it possible to switch back? Moms, weigh in.

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Absolutely! It might take some hardwork to build up your supply again and depending on the reasons for stopping, you might need some professional help from a lactation consultant or a ABA counsellor.

But the answer is YES!!!

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You can but it would take time and patience and possibly some herbal supliments. There is a great book called Making More Milk and The La leche League has a great book too that can answer all your questions.

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I wouldn't recommend it. I had to stop because my son was hospitalized with the upshot being diagnosed with a secondary lactose intolerance (temporary issue) and having to take formula for about 5 days. It was hideously hard trying to keep up the supply while still trying to get on with the taking care of he and his sister. I guess if you are away on vacation and can still pump a little each day and don't have other things you need to get on with.
As the others have said it is not impossible just a lot of work. Also, one thing I have heard time and again - if you have a good to abundant supply it is always easier to reinstate it whereas if your supply is an issue to begin with it is probably not a good idea to rock the boat as it is much harder to restart from a disadvantaged place. Even with taking supplements or medicine you probably needed a good supply to start with.

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you should never stop nursing a child because he will get grumpy and no one wants a grumpy baby

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Depending on your body it is possible to stop nursing and then go back into it

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I stopped after a week an I want to start again can I its been a month

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I am a mother of 2 and I was told i could i went 4 days with out nursing or pumping and when i went back to it my milk was gone and the baby didnt like the nipple anymore because the bottle was easiier for her to use. i would say not to stop but every womans body is different so this may not happen to you

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Yes absolutely! It takes months for your supply to 'dry up' completely. Lots of frequent feeds are the best way to build up your supply again.

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How old is the baby, are you able to pump, is this your first child? It is possible but I wouldn't recommend it unless you were pumping to keep up production. Even if other people are able to stop cold turkey for a few days and then start back up, you don't know their BF history and it might not be the same for you. Stopping abruptly could cause a drop in production that could be difficult to get back or not come back at all, and it could cause engorgement, plugged ducts, or infection like mastitis.
I wouldn't recommend it without exploring other options first or with out more information.

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The lactation consultant I know says you can stop for about three weeks and pick it up again. She doesn't recommend more than that.

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Once my flow was well-established I haven't had any problem with stopping & restarting. (I'm actually at a point where I'd be happy to stop nursing, but the supply is always still there even if I go away for a few days.)

I had some difficulties getting the flow up initially. I wouldn't have dared to take a day off in those first few weeks. Some women who have a more abundant flow naturally might be able to.

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I have gone away a few times, with both of my children. I've been gone for up to 4 days and had no problem at all with supply upon returning. In fact, it was a major relief to nurse the few times that my pump did not work and I became engorged.

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I do it all the time, due to the fact I make too much milk which causes frequent engorgment and painful feeding.


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