Do you believe in multi-tasking, or doing one thing at a time?

The stay-at-home mom's life is a constant juggling act, but recent studies warn that women who try to multi-task too much get massive fatigue and burnout. How do you handle everything you have to get done in a day: multi-tasking, or do you have another approach?

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Who has time to do one thing? If I am not fixing lunches while prepping dinner and helping kids with homework it doesn't get done!

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Do what works best. If multitasking is too exhausting, then take one thing at a time. If multitasking is no issue, then why not? If it just messes everything up, then why continue messing stuff up? If its efficient - do it. You see? There is no right or wrong answer, because every person is different. Also, I agree with Amy said - some tasks require full attention... so it also depends on what you're doing.

Eat healthy, plan ahead, keep everything clean and organized, invest in an afternoon break which is may be the answer to a very productive evening. Good luck!

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I don't think this is a stay at home mom question only. And it depends on what you are doing quite honestly. Some things require your complete attention, like helping your kids with homework. Giving them full attention during this time is crucial in weather or not they will continue to ask for help. I prefer to prioritize my tasks by most urgent first, then most time consuming, then if I can clump some together to multi task I am content. You have to be able to look at the big picture and ask yourself who and what will be effected if I can't get this done. One thing I have learned over the years is housework is the familys job not just mine. Organizing everyones schedule is all about communication. We now have one large dry erase board that gets updated every sun nite with the whole familys input. Its like a team meeting, everyone gets to speak their piece, carpooling gets worked out, appointments get met...its a fantastic process for us. We also include a section of the board for what dinners are on the menu for each week, in case mom is not home they know
how to fend for themselves.


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