Do your kids help take care of your pets?

Taking responsibility for an animal is a powerful learning tool for children. In what ways do your kids help take care of your family pets?

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My daughter feeds the cats,bird and fish.She takes her degus out to play with them and helps clean out their 6 ft cage. She also has started to train our small dog. She is 8 yrs old. This is good for her because her pets the bird and fish, she pays for their food out of her weekly allowance. She does a good job of helping out.

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My 6year old daughter helps by carrying the cat his food, feeding and getting water for the guinea pigs as well as playing with them and helping me clean thier very big cage. She also helps me feed our two dogs. She even likes to feed the snake his defrosted frozen mice. She also helps me brush the animals. She has a chore chart that she has to get a star on at least 10 of the spots for the week to get her allowance. Feeding and taking care of the pets is one of the responsibilies that she can easily meet almost every day.
She has also learned alot about the way bodies work from our pets. She also has a better understanding of what we eat and why by feeding the pets. From the snake she learns that animals eat animals, from the cat she learns about going to the bathroom and being tidy about it, from the guinea pigs she learns about the importance of eating your veggies. From the dogs she has learned that too much chocolate can make you sick! And she understand that if we dont feed the pets healthy foods they will not be healthy. So she understands that if we dont eat healthy foods we wont be healthy either.

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I have 2 daughters, one 11 year old and the other is 3. We have a cat and fish and both of them help with the pets. My eldest cleans the cats litter box and lets her out, as we live in a 2nd floor flat this means going downstairs which the little one cant do, and the little one feeds the cat and feeds the fish for me. They have learned that this is a responsible thing for them if they want to have pets, we are in the process of looking for a small dog to join our family which i feel will be good for them.

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Yes! My 4 year old daughter and my step kids wanted a pet. The only condition is that they have to take care of them when they are there. We have a dog and a hamster. They have to give them fresh water, feed them, bathe them,clean up their cages/ outside and play with them. Of course since we do not have our kiddos all the time, my husband and I step in to take care of them. I think it is good for every child to have a pet. It teaches them responsibility and I think that is a great way for kids to learn. My daughter loves the hamster and she always takes him out every night she is there to play with him. My step kids love the dog, so they are rough housing with him all the time when they are there. They wanted the pets, so we decided that we could have them as long as they do the dirty work when they are there.

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Well I tried. We've always had pets . Cats,fish in aquariums and fish in the pond, plus sick,hurt,homeless this and that. They've chipped in and helped here and there.
I've told them that they could have any pet they wanted -IF they gave me a plan of how they would take care of it and WHO would take care of it during vacations
I flat out won't live feed a snake, been there done that.
I think my responsibility talks turned them off.. One had hermit crabs that WOULD NOT DIE and eventually were passed down to a young cousin after 10 years. The other had a goldfish from a wedding reception table decorations {I know, it's cruel]. After 5 years it got too big for our tank-hence our pond.
So they've learned responsibility , but the only pets they have at this point are cactuses and bonsais.

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My little girl feed my cats and walk the dog. And she also spends 1-2 hours playing with them. I think it she know how to take care of or love the pets, she will know how to love and take care of her family, friends and herself.

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We have a pet TickleMe Plant. I consider it a great first pet as it moves like an animal when you Tickle it, yet you don't have to walk or feed it. She loved growing the pet TickleMe Plant from seeds and watching how it move when she Tickled It. See video. I think it also may make her more sensitive to nature and plants. The TickleMe Plant is a real plant and of course it does need to be cared for like any other pet but all it really needs is water and light..the kits come with soil pellets.

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My 11 year-old is a big help when it comes to our pets. We have cats and he helps me a lot with them. After his Dad died a few years back Christopher wanted another cat. We already had 2 at the time, but under the circumstances I said yes. So off we went to the humane society and Christopher picked out a long-haired black & white 2 year old male cat. He has been a delight. Christopher named him Paul and he has been so much fun for everyone. He's so vocal and lets us know if something isn't the way he thinks it should be. I think animals are good for our children and a very good learning tool as well as rewarding.

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changing food and water

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Our family has 3 very active German Shorthaired Pointers. Molly 10, Mayple Rose 3 and Meadow Rae 2. My boys are 14 and 7. My oldest kennels them up at night and lets them up in the morning and lets them out to potty. My 7 year old feds them. And my biggest child (my husband) takes them pheasent hunting. Me, I hand out the punishments. But the kids are very helpful. They love their sisters, as they call them.

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My 7 year old has been given responsibilities with the family dogs since about started with just being in charge of treats, then food, then putting them outside to do their stuff (or let them in), and now she can walk 1 of them, and I do the other 2. Last weekend she gave them their baths without my help...It is a little bit at a time. Her big dream job is to be a pet groomer, so I guess it fits in. We talk a lot about how to keep the dogs happy and healthy, and the reasons we adopted them, and what our promises were when we agreed to do that.

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My children all have chores with the dog. We all take weekly turns walking, feeding and grooming her. We all named the dog but it wasn't until the 6 yr old and the 16 yr old were watching cartoons did we find a name that "fit" the dog. My 16 yr old is the one that has to be constantly reminded about his set of responsibility with Chewie, the 7, 6, and 4 they do a wonderful job. My only problem so far has been walking her since the 4 yr old isn't old enough to hold the leash without being dragged he whines a lot about it.

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Yes. My 8 yr old son scoops out the litter box three times a week, as part of his daily chores.

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MY DD loves to help me feed our dachshund. She also loves to give our dog her little treats. She loves this dog but other times when she is "playing" with her, ( or so she thinks) she ends up hurting her and sometimes she gets bit. But I think she would be sad if something happened to her. ( oh and BTW, my DD is 7)

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No, so I'm the! As a blended family and the fact that I married their dad, we have the kids on every other weekend. We do the best we can!

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My son who is now 7 has a fish he has been very active in taking care of, he also helps clean and play with our ferrets and kitty. He enjoys telling people about how he helps to take care of them when we go for walks with our ferrets and he hopes to upgrade his fish tank to include a frog in the next few months.

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My daughter is 12 and she helps alot with our pets. She feeds and plays with the birds and chinchilla. She walks the dogs. She also helps clean the bird and chinchilla cages.

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My 6 (almost 7) year old daughters only "chore" is to feed our dog. And she never remembers to to do it. We are constantly reminding her or just end up doing it ourselves. Maybe we don't enforce it enough ... i am not sure. I think that she is definately old enough for such a simple chore.


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