Have you created a will yet?

It seems morbid to think about it, but in case anything happened to you, there might be legal questions about the well being of your children. Have any moms considered making arrangements through creating a will in case something bad happens?

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We have three boys with autism and so thought it was important that care arrangements and trust accounts where established if something was to happen to us. Not only that I wanted to ensure that my trust account and my life insurance went to my children and not to my husband in full. I know it sounds harsh but I am only young as is he and if he was to remarry I want to ensure my children are cared for and not his new wife. I know that is a morbid thing to say but I think it is realistic too. My children would need to have this financial support if I was not here to ensure that they were abit to be cared for. I am not saying my husband would not do this but this is a risk that my three disabled sons can not afford for me to risk. I have seen what can happen when wills are not in place. Even if it is one you buy at the newsagency is better than having nothing at all. After having a live threatening condition some years ago I unfortunately was faced with the importance of being prepared. Hope this helps and I wish you all the best in the future.

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Yes, we have a very simple one mainly stating where our kids are to go if something should happen to us. We have certain family members we do not want our kids to go to so this way our wishes will hopefully be followed. We had a family we knew that had a 3 week old baby and they didn't have a will. They and 2 of their siblings and spouses were killed together in a freak ice storm. The other siblings had wills for their kids but this couple did not. Their daughter was bounced from house to house for almost 2 years until the court decided who got to adopt her, which ended up to be a cousin since they had a daughter the same age. I have heard of other horror stories about kids where their parents had no wills when they died and I knew I wanted my kids above anything taken care of.

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You have to do lots of hard things as a responsible adult.. This is one of them

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It may seem morbid, but it is also reality. It is the responsibility of every parent to make sure there is a plan in place if/when something does happen to them. It is not up to anyone else to make these decissions, and that is what will happen if you as the parents or legal guardians do not make a will. Sit down and discuss your wishes with your spouse, significant other or whomever you trust . Make a set plan, (which may change as your child grows and changes), and talk to a Notary Public and/or a Lawyer. Get it on paper. It's not complicated or difficult, but could be later if not documented.

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Most definatly haveawill drawn up. That's way you have control over what happens to your children.

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