How can I get my baby to use the spoon even though she hates it?

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I cheated a bit, Since it was SOOO messy letting her use spoons (having her turn them upside down and what not) I let her learn how to use a fork first. It was funny she was the only 9month old in our circle of friends to know how to hold and use a fork properly...

But yeah so for spoons, It's going to be a really messy learning curve, She wouldn't let me feed her anymore so I let her have her spoon and she would feed me and then herself and get it everywhere, hair, clothes,

Just make sure she's wearing a plastic poncho or that she's nude so you can just bathe her afterwards because it WILL get everywhere but soon enough she'll get the hang of it.

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I let my son hold the spoon while I help him guide it right side up to his mouth, my hand over his hand. That way he's holding it, but it's a little less messy and he's starting to realize how to get it to his mouth without turning it upside down.

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My first baby hated spoons, so like Kristin said give her one every feeding. Eventually you'll have to go through the messy part and let her trial feed herself as well.... what I did was sneak some in her mouth while she had her own bowl and spoons, just letting them experiment like they want to will lead to great hand eye coordination while it will be very messy for a while. If it bothers you, make sure its warm and make her go naked, or put her in old pj's & put a garbage bag under the chair.

With my second baby, she has more hair, tonnes of hair so a messy feeding tends to lead to a full out bath. So I give her a bunch of finger foods most of the time and get her used to the hand eye coordination with that. You can boil some large broccoli (stem on) and give it to her soft, and she'll eat the head of the broccoli. You can give her rice husks, and Farley biscuits, as well as small apple puffs (9 months and up, but mines been having them since 6 months). My baby loves all of that, and if she eats all her meals I'll let her have some humpty dumpty cheeses, they are her favorite, she shakes and screams when they come out. Babies have a good gag reflex, I'm sure I dont have to say this but make sure your around... another cool thing is that I give her a small 6 months and up sippy cup with water in it, she looooves it. She can pick it up and drink from it herself and it does not effect breastfeeding. Like everyone else, she needs water to wash it all down with.... Happy baby feeding!

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1. Bring the spoon to every feeding, even if it just sits there
2. Have the whole family eat things with spoons together, like soup (even better if the whole family will use similar looking baby spoons!)
3. Be SUPER encouraging when baby does use the spoon (Goooood JOB!)
4. If baby is not old enough to self-feed using the spoon, just feed baby as many soft finger foods as possible, don't try to force the spoon into babys mouth. It will save both of you a lot of trouble to just let baby choose the way she wants to eat.
5. Eventually it become socially inaccaptable to eat with your hands, she will pick up on the fact that everyone else is using utensils.


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