How can I teach my children about God?

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For me, this is an ongoing process. It started for me with prayers. When she got old enough to understand, I told her that God made us and loves us even more than Mommy (which is a whole lot!). I bought a book of short Bible stories and began to read them to her around age 2. We'd discuss the stories and I encouraged her to ask questions about the people in them. Now, at age 5, I ensure she knows that God listens to her when she needs help and will always be there inside her as long as she believes in His rules. I told her that God's voice is sometimes very quiet and that she needs to make time to really listen. I told her that decisions will be hard but if she listens, God will guide her. We practice praying at meals and at bedtime, and she asks me now about the things God makes.

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Be an example, let your love for the Lord shine through you. Pray with them. Read religious stories to them (age appropriate of course) and just be the person you want them to see, the person God wants you to be.

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JESUS J ust the right kind of savior E asy to find S ong in your heart U nder nothing or no one S tretches out the heavens like a curtain and comes into the soul!

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Children learn by example and by watching what you do. I agree with Carolyn that it is an ongoing process.

Surround your child with positive influences and get a great support system in place that can help teach your child about God.


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