How can you get a grade schooler to go to sleep earlier?

Not getting enough sleep can affect your child's schooler performance and behavior. How can you teach your grade schooler healthy sleeping habits and get them to start going to bed earlier?

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My first grader knows that she has to be in bed by 9PM no matter what. I uaually give her an 8PM warning so she can play, watch a cartoon, draw, or anything else she would like to do before bedtime. Then at 8:45 we put on pj's, brush teeth and read a story. After this we usually don't have a problem with her going to bed. Sometimes I hear her talking to her stuffed animals in bed but as long as the lights stay out and she stays in bed ( she usually is asleep within 20min.) she is allowed to do this. We have had this routine for several years and it has worked well for us. We always do homework right after school and that way she has the whole rest of the day to do whatever play she wants so by bedtime she doesn't feel like there is anything else she wants to do. She is an only child and really enjoys solo playtime and as long she gets enough of it, she is happy to go to bed.

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Routine routine routine. Our daughter (grade 1) gets home from school right around 5:00. Our evening routine begins right there.We eat as close to then as possible. After supper it's her job to clear the table, so around 6:00 it's upstairs to prep for bed. (Brush teeth, get in pi's, set out clothes for tomorrow, tidy up, etc.) Once they have done that, she has time to do homework (she rarely has any) or play with her little sisters or watch Wheel of Fortune--it's her choice. At 7:00 we have family worship and tuck them all in bed. The older girls get a story tape or CD to listen to.

It's been the school-night routine for forever, so there's usually no struggle. If there is, they lose the story, or some other related consequence. It works for us :) I am a strong believer in kids getting enough sleep!

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I would suggest getting the child up earlier in the morning. And then after they get out of school try to do either exercise/sports/physical activity with your child or more mental activities that will exercise their brain. Both can make anyone tired.

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I agree routine is the best way to get results. Lack of sleep can cause behavioural issues as well as having an effect on school performance. My girl is still in nursery but as with her older brother we have shown her the time on the clock that she should go to bed. A couple of gentle reminders when the time is drawing near allows her to make the most of her play time and then off to bed with a story or a radio show on quietly (I choose classic fm due to the lack of loud thumpy music and the gentle voice of the presenters). She has the occasional night where she will play up but by starting the routine so early in her life she shouldn't have any problems by the time she starts school. This worked for my son and he has conmsistantly been a high performer at school, both academically and sports. (When we have had any problems I have pointed out that we do all of our growing and our bodies repair whilst we are sleeping so if they don't get enough sleep they will never 'be big' lol)

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We have a no TV rule Monday - Thursday. We do homework, enjoy dinner and the boys are in their rooms with out electronics around 9. They can read, draw etc... Usually they turn in on their own with out guidance from us. If your kids not tired you should include exercise/play in the mix after school. Routines work best for us.

Good Luck


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