How can you help a friend going through a breakup?

It's hard to see a friend going through a bad breakup. What are things you can do to help them through this rough time?

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The first thing is give hugs, kisses and love in the form that they need it. Every person grieves in different ways. You may need to be the voice of reason, the reason the blinds fly open or the vehicle to get fresh air.

Be that and more for as long as they need it but don't be pushy. In other words, don't give advice or say negative things that the person obviously doesn't want to hear right now about how horrible he or she is, you were too good, etc. That can be damaging and make the person defensive and even seek to prove you and everyone else wrong when they truly should be moving on. Just be a source of GOOD, GOOD TIMES & GOOD LAUGHS! Eventually they will come around on their own and that inner strength is really what they need.

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Just be there for them and let them know that you ARE there for them. Let them vent when they need to, support them when they need support, be a shoulder when they need one. Nothing you say is really going to help - this is something they have to do in their own time, but having friends they can really talk to is so important.

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Cry a river, build a bridge, and get over it. Nothing you can do to change it - and even if there is, you won't change it by dwelling on the hurt or the past.

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Listen, Listen, Listen and then Listen some more!

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HUMOR IS THE KEY. Wish the man an ingrown toenail.

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Always be there to listen .. she will want to talk and talk.. and when she is tired , keep her occupied with outings and a friends .,. let her know that time heals all wounds ..

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It really depends on the breakup and why it's happened.

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When heart is hurt, mind cannot rationalize so that its better to console a friend by sitting beside her and extend her a listening ear!

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Let them take things as they are and not as they should be......

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The best way to help a friend going through a breakup is to advice them to always do background check on their are partner, i would have experience breakup thrice if not for the intervention of my IT friend who introduce me to a private investigator (, he helped in providing full and free access to my Ex social media and messages this was how i knew he's been cheating on me. Now am in a real Relationship with a real partner thanks to computer surgeon, y'all should contact him, just tell him Carol referred you

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Just be there sometimes that even means not being there, but letting them know you are around. Don't judge, just listen, allow to vent. Laugh, cry whatever they need, don't make it about you its all about them at that point.

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This is happening to me now. Alot of my married and committed friends dont know how to be because they've never been through it. Just be there for your friend. Ask them over for dinner or to watch a movie or go grab coffee or a drink. The hardest thing is to be alone..

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Key is listening,but also be truthful ,sometimes we want to agree just to make the person happy ,even though we do not agree at all.Honesty is a PLUS and in the long run will be appreciated.They may not like it but really do need it .I am currently going through it with my bestfriend and she says thank you to me all the time and i am always up front and honest with her .

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Being there for him or her when she/he needs someone to talk to. Giving them any support they need, above all advising them that there is no need to cry over split milk and making them realise that its time to move on and leave the past where it belongs; in the past and focus on the future and what the future holds for them. When a person is faced with a problem there is no need to dwell on the problem at hand but to seek the solution to the problem and move on and forget about the problem, though forgetting will not just happen in an instant. With time everythn will be back to normal as the saying goes that time is the healer of all wounds.


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