How can you involve a biological father who does not live close by?

If your child's biological father wants to be involved but too far to see them frequently, what are the best ways to keep them involved?

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He used to send cards and gifts alot when they were little. Now that they are older they Skype, Facebook, text and talk on the phone. They now have their own cell phone. I post videos of band concerts or sporting events on YouTube so he can see them in action.
When they are together he makes it really special. They eat out alot, stay at a hotel and go swimming. They used to always go to the Build-a- Bear store, now he takes them to get new shoes and a fun outfit. He makes the time special.
(we've done visitation since the girls were 6mo & 2yrs. They are 13 &15 now)

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Set up phone calls for the child to skype where they can see each other as they talk. This way they can see each all the time .daddy can help with homework.

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Web cam is defiantly a wonderful tool. Using facebook often to upload videos and pictures. And no matter how young really. Daughter is going on 11 months old and she really enjoys seeing her father on webcam. He talks to her and uses puppets ect.

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web contact anytime he or the child in question's easier than phone and gives the visuals along with hearing. They can play games together and watch movies. It helps. My son keeps in touch with his dad this way. They use X-box 360...And netflix...and even google talk as well as pc versions. I also call his father when he's ill or changes happen with school work. I involve him with things that happen in my boys life. Since he is so far away..they don't visit every other weekend..instead he gets two months in summer instead of one. In between they get the anytime they want online contact.

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How old is the child?


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