How can you keep your grade-schooler sharp over the summer?

After a long summer it can be difficult for kids to get back in the swing of school. How can you keep your child sharp over the summer so they don't fall behind when school starts again?

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There are tons of free printable worksheets online based on grade level. There's no need to buy them. Still, probably the best thing is to not force a regimented practice. Just keep them reading by reading the paper together (yes, even young ones), reading signs, reading about things you can do over the summer. Asking them pointed questions like, I have three jars. If I use one, how many do I have left? Of course, I don't know what grade level your children are, but as a masters level education student, I have seen more suggestions of making learning applicable to everyday life than anything else. Show them why they need schooling and education. Above all, make it fun! Google fun educational games and it will bring up lots of ideas that don't require supplies or purchased games. Have a good summer!!

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I bought the summer bridge workbook for my third grader and am challenging him to read everyday too. He struggled some in second grade so I'm trying to make sure he's ready for third. I have twins that are starting first grade but they both found kindergarten pretty easy so I got the first grade Brain Quest books for them. We have homework time in the evening most nights. It's going well so far. We'll see if we can keep it up!

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My son just graduated 2nd grade and is really into the" Dairy of a Wimpy Kid" books, I went out and bought him his own journal so he can write about our summer in his own words. I really think this will improve his writing and spelling so when he enters the 3rd grade in September he wont struggle in these areas. I'm not sure what I should do about keeping his math skills up to par, because he really doesn't like math!

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I have had to sign my daughter up for tutoring over the summer because our school district had removed the summer school program. I also have the workbook for 5th grade work for her to practice on the days she doesn't have tutoring...

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Read, read, read... A weekly visit to the library, and an hour of reading time daily keeps them able to focus -- gives them great reading practice (as well as encourages better vocabulary skills) and allows them to explore subjects they might find interesting. Also, for rising third graders and up there's a great game available online called Timez Attack that gives the kids great multiplication practice in a fun setting.

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I found workbooks at Sam's club for only 6.00 geared for the grade level and also bought games geared for their age. I have also found many web-sites that have wonderful things to keep them active in their learning;)

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I got some work books for my 1rst grader to work on during the summer. I have him do just one page before he goes out to play in the morning. It doesn't really matter if he finishes the workbook by the time school starts back. What's important is that he is staying in practice. Walmart has some workbooks or if you have a teacher supply store near you, you will find all kinds of tools. Educational video games are good too as long as time to play is limited.


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