How can you make more time for yourself when you have a new baby?

Avoiding burnout can be tough and emotionally complicated for new moms, as they want to do everything possible to ensure that their baby is well tended to. But a mom who takes care of herself is better able to care for her children, too, most research (and wisdom) tells us. So what are some tips and tricks you've found to ensure time for yourself when caring for a new baby?

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Ask for help from friends and family. Let them do the laundry and the dishes. Cook up meals ahead of time that can be frozen for later use. When baby is sleeping take a shower and a nap. At night read a book in a bubble bath to unwind. If hubby is home let him help with housework and taking care of baby. Men do things differently than we women do so let him do things his way and don't rush to take over.


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