How can you teach kids to care for a pet?

Many kids ask for a pet, starting way before the would be able to take of one on their own. When the time is right to get a family pet, how do you teach you kids to help care for it?

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Start Small! We got a small tank in a box and their job was to feed them (we cleaned the tank). When they got consistent, we got a couple of small guinea pigs. They had to feed, clean the cage and vacuum around it. They learned about how to handle them, scratch their itches and make them purr. We always talk about how the pigs felt, if they were skitish, happy, content, scared. Next came the dog. They now feed him, take him for walks / runs, play fetch, go to training class, give him a bath and most of all cuddle. At 9 and 11 their doing great!

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It depends on the kids, my daughter had a pet dog before she was born and by age 3 she want to feed the doggie (well dog food any way instead of food off her plate) ask your kids what animal they want the have to agree,then right out every thing that has to be done on a daily basis ,make a family contract all sign it,the a daily chart who does what on what day remind them it will be all 7 days of the week. Once this is done go pet shoping but with the reminder if they dont do there part you will find the pet a new home. Make sure you see several kinds of pets and all they need to do to care for them so they can make the right decision. That way the kids are learning how to care for something and if they dont do a good job they will learn it will be taking away its one of many life lessons that we must teach them, If it gets taken away I would wait a year or 2 before trying again

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One way is to have them grow a Pet TickleMe Plant.
The TickleMe Plant is the only plant that moves and close its leaves when you Tickle It. It makes a great first pet as it just needs minor care like watering it and light. The TickleMe Plant really does act like it is being Tickled when you Tickle it. It is more like a pet then a plant for sure. See video and get the book as they teach you how to grow and care for your pet TickleMe Plant year round.

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we got 2 guinea pigs for our daughter almost 2 years ago when she was 6. I do the cleaning out of course but she can cut up food, fetch the dry food and hay for them which she does every morning. We thought the novelty might wear off after a while but shes never out of the hutch and plays with them all the time, they are great wee things and she absolutely loves them.


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