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How can you tell when it's time to start potty training?

Whether it's a prescribed age you think is right, or whether there are signals your child can give you to let you know it's time, how do you know when to begin the process of potty training?

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22  Answers

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Every child is obviously different but I think when they tell you they are going pee or poop, it's time to try. At that point, they are aware of what is happening and may be able to translate it into going to the bathroom. Consistency is key. I never let my son wear pull ups because it seemed that it was a crutch to go in his pants if he felt like it, so I always just bought underwear. If they don't like the feeling of going in their underwear, chances are they will go on the toilet. Never force it, they will successfully be trained when they are ready. Although my son was close to 4 when he was trained he never had an accident. My daughter is close to two, so we will see happens with her. She is much more vocal than my son was. Good luck everyone!

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I need some ideas so my two year old almost 3 to start to potty train

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Each child is different. I believe girls are easier then boys based on my experience. My boys were about 3 1/2 when we started potty training and my daughter started when she was 2 1/2.

With my boys I just put them in underwear (of course talked to them about it first) and stayed in the house for a week, did not go ANYWHERE and made them go every half hour. After a few days, I incresed the time to 45 minutes and so on. With my daughter, I just talked to her about it and she wore a pull-up for a couple months, for the most part she stayed dry. I would just ask "do you have to potty" alot. Funny thing is, she pooped before she even went pee on the potty. Now she is doing both on the potty and wearing underwear all day and even SLEEPING in underwear too!
Hope this helps.

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i humbly believe that when their ready...... you'll know

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My oldest was 18 months when he deceided one morning he was done with his pull ups, and asked for big boy undies, he put them on and never did wear another pull up, and he never had an accident even at night... All i did was at 15 months i let him sit on the potty when i was in there and when he asked to go i let him go. I always gave him his freedom in the bathroom. I have a 2 year old though that will not go doesn't even wanna try just flushes the toilet. I let big brother take him to the bathroom with him and he comes with me. Im hoping it soon clicks!

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My daughter was easy, she told us when she wanted to go, she'd just turned 2 1/2 and we put her in pants and never looked back. My son has just turned three...he showed all the signs of being ready so we put him in pants and in three days only managed one wee on the potty. I asked him what's happened and he replied..."my pants have got a hole in and my wee keeps coming out." I decided to wait a few more months.

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My 21 month old son told me he was ready today when he took his pull-up off and sat on his potty. After a little time he walked over to me and bent over for me to wipe his "booty" and said "I do it!" If that wasn't a clear sign idk what is lol.

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I believe they are ready when they start to take their diaper off. My baby girl is. almost 17 months old and she is already trying to potty train.

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I tried my son from about 2, I tried forcing it but no luck, then a couple of weeks ago, we were home sick, I put some training pants on him, and he is great! We have only had a few accidents. I think the key was letting him tell ME when HE was ready. He is 2 and a half now :)

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Indicating she knows when she's going/when wet, staying dry for longer amounts of time (i.e., only 4 or 5 wets per day instead of 10), showing an interest in the toilet. We started when my daughter was 11 months old. She liked to walk into the bathroom with us and watch, let us know when she was wet, and she was letting us know before she went (like when we went to change her diaper, if she had to go to the bathroom she'd try to stop us from taking her diaper off - every time we persisted and took it off we got peed on!).

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I am a first time mom but I think that , once she starts getting interested in the toilet and wanting to know whats happening and getting excited when i flush the toilet. I think that is the write time

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I don't believe any of you! My son (who would be not allowed to go to preschool this year, because he's not potty trained, if it wasn't for the fact he needs speech thearpy) has NO interest in potty training.

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I am busy with my forth and are slowly introducing the "potty"... He has just turned 2 and according to my mom (has 8 children) and my sister (has 6) it's the best time - around 2, however boys are a little slower than girls!

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There is a "general" information out there of when your child is ready and what to do - which is handy for those "general" children. I did everything that was suggested and those things that I didn't want to do like bribing with chocolate/stickers/anything when Miss showed all the signs of being ready. Had step seat, brought a potty with her etc it still didn't work. NO INFORMATION ABOUT HOW TO POTTY TRAIN A PERFECTIONIST!! One thing Miss couldn't practise in bed was going to the toilet - this is where she practised her rolling & walking! I gave up, she knew where the toilet was thou she didn't feel safe on the step seat, moved the potty closer (in the lounge room yuk) to where she was, read books in toilet, became cheerleaders outside the toilet! ALL her friends were potty trained, thou she was always the last in our group for everything lol The Little cow would use the potty at other people's house or when someone else was babysitting her. To deal with a perfectionist or if you like a very independent child, I had everything set up and just let her choose when she was ready. Every week I might ask, ASK (is the trick) if SHE would like to wear undies for the day/morning or to just try the potty. WELL someone brought her undies for her birthday and she also got a doll that would pee, not sure if it was just timing yet Miss 3 started to wear her new undies (the others weren't suitable apparently, yet someone else brought those to. She might have just been too young at the time to click). Within two weeks we had succeeded (with many runs to the toilet in shopping centers for nothing lol) she even stopped wearing nappies at nap time during the day with no accidents for two months, by three months she asked not to wear nappies to bed overnight - we had success.
It does take two full weeks to be toilet train and it can be stress free if you let them do it their way. Unfortunately you have to find out what is their way lol we found a step that was a little bit higher and no step seat just normal seat, she had to feel she could climb up to the seat herself and feel safe. There is no way you can force a perfectionist to do anything that they know won't work, they more I pressured the more stressed she got. If you don't succeed this week wait another and try.

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I need some help with my 2 and half year old little girl. she is quite happy to wear pants and wee on toilet but will not poo on it. she cries until i put her a nappy on and poos in that

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when the childs starts to take her pampers off.

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I think an important factor is getting them interested. Take them in with you when you have to go, let them flush the flush, that way they make friends with the potty. Also CONSISTENCY!! My son is 18 months old and he is pretty much fully potty trained. He tells us when he has to go, even when we are out shopping or at a friends house. He used to go to a sitter and she refused to take him to the potty as she thought he was too young. he regressed a bit, but since being back home with me and his daddy he hardly ever misses.

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Let them lead you. For my daughter it was a pair of underwear she liked that did the trick, I told her she couldn't wear them until she started going on the potty, which before this she rarely did. And she started to do that. For my son, one day at 2 1/2 he decided he was done with diapers and never went back, night and day. He rarely has an accident. Now with my almost 2 1/2 year old, we'll see, he tried to use the potty for poo today and missed, he got off to go. : ) We'll just see what happens. I agree with the no pull ups, my daughter would use that as a crutch too. But every kid is different.

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My son was starting to show interest at 18 months, i didnt force the issue, but whenever he wanted to sit on the potty id let him. He went threw periods where he wasnt too interested, but he was fully potty trained just after he turned 2. I think every child is different, use your mommy insticts ;)
Have fun!!

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Listen to your kids!
My son was almost fully potty trained at 2 1/2, then suddenly stopped using the toilet. He could sit there all day and not go, then as soon as I put a diaper on him he litterally peed through it. That's when I gave up. Then one night (he was about 3y/2m) at 4 am he woke crying for me, when I went to him he said "I need underwear" and wouldn't go back to sleep until I put them on him. We continued struggling with pooping on the toilet for a while, but he rarely had any pee accidents after that.
My daughter on the other hand is almost 19 months. About a month ago she told me she had poop so I went to change her. She didn't have poop so I asked her if she wanted to go potty, she said yes and went pee in the toilet. She's never done anything again until today. She's peed on the toilet 4 times today (2 of those times she told me she had to go) and stayed dry between times.
Just another way that all kids (even siblings) can be SO different from one another!

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Im glad to know that my son isnt the only one. He started out wanting to sit on it, he has went a couple time but now wont go at all! He used to sit and even want to wipe but he wont anymore. Idk what changed I dont force him, I do ask but anymore he wont even sit on it. I did notice that when I tried celebrating with him he got embarrassed.... Any ideas would be helpful!!!!! He is only 2 1/2 but I think he can do it. =)

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I started with potty training just after my daughter turned 2.. it was during summer time so I let her walk bare bottom and when she did have a wee she could actually feel that it was "nasty" so when she did it she would tell me that it was not nice. then i took the potty outside along with our morning missions and told her if she wants to go then she must sit on the potty or tell me. had 1 or 2 incident and then she was on the potty. Took me a week to get her completely of nappies and she never had an accident in bed. She has her lil toilet seat and the potty we keep in her bedroom for the night wees.

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you will be able to pick up on it, my children seem to show me just by either grabbing there diaper or pull up and moving it around. so i put them on the potty and they go. be consistant while doing it. they get used to it and then they will not want to potty. remember every child is different. while some ppl pefer to make the child sit on the potty, others let them go bottomless and then once the child has had a accident they tell them to use the potty. hope this was a little bit helpful.

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My child is 1y/10m, I started training him not so long ago (2months ago) ,he can pee for himself and put his pants back but he is still struggling with pooping he doesn't know when is the time and he will say to me ... " mom I need to go to the loo"


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