How can young pregnant moms prepare for motherhood?

Please share some suggestions you have for young pregnant moms who are not feeling ready for motherhood?

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I myself am a young parent, i personally felt the same way when i was pregnant with my first but i got through it and if i did anyone can as well. I read books, watched baby stories, asked around to other parents, and also read blogs. Once you give birth to your child you will also give birth to becoming a mother, you both are learning and like i always say to young parents is Take One Day At A Time, being young with children is great because as you grow up your child grows with you, you learn and he/she learns even older parents are still learning today. Not one person is ready to become a parent as in a young or older everyone learns and gets in the rhythm of being a parent. Congratulations on becoming a mother ( if you haven't already ). If you need some to talk to i am here for you.

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Its a common feeling at any age to not feel prepared for motherhood. Remember that most first time mom's feel this way, but make it through anyway.

Just take each day as it comes, don't look too far ahead if it makes you worried. Focus on what you need to do today to make things work. Sounds simple, but if you put it into practice, it is powerful at keeping your anxiety and worry down, allowing you to stay in the moment and not overload yourself.

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No one can tell you what to prepare for because it is an adventure! When you read stories of the heroines heading out, they usually only have their common sense, life knowledge, and the will power to persevere. It is no different when you are entering parenthood. The story is the same, only the characters change. There will be wonderous moments full of laughter, pride, and joy; spenseful moments where you doubt yourself and everyone around you; fearful moments where you are lost and confused; heartbreaking moments where the strength, you didn't even know you had, will shine through; you will rise above obsticles that you never thought you could; you will use inginuity collected over the years to do the impossible; and you will Love something deeper than even yourself. It's an amazing adventure and one heck of a thrill ride!
Stand tall, smile, and jump on board...definitely not something you will EVER regret and it will change you into something you never though possible: A Mom. That alone is the biggest thing you can ever hope to be.


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