How do I cope with my baby's dad leaving?

My baby's father just left us, and this is a really hard time. So much to do, not enough money, not enough time. What are some tips to survive (emotionally, financially) as a single mom?

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Go to court and make sure you have custody, visitation and support down legally. Being a single mom is tough, but protect the right of you, and your child's rights. Hopefully dad will stay active in the child's life, because that will give you time for yourself. Stay active, do things for you. Let family and friends help. Wishing you all the best.

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Its simple pray n gve all ur worries to god.Trust he will mke away n ease ur nerves.U only need a mn to hlp mke a baby n nw a days u dnt even need them.So u shldnt worry bout coping with d abandoment from d father what shld b on ur mine is hw to gt on ur grind to d best mother to that child that u cn b .Being d mohter n father dnt gt me wrong sometimes it will b tough cause through stages ur child will hve questions n if possible n u cn lt that father answer bt if its nt possible b gentle bt truthful as possible.No matter hw much it hurts honesty is the best policy.N the end when ur child grows to b that child u broke ur bck with blood sweat n tears by urself for they will come to understand n appreciate u more.TRUST ME!!!!!!!!

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I know, it's rather difficult to go on, but you've got a stimulus, you've got your kid, just think of people who don't have anyone, and you've got a wonderful kid, your link with the world... My husband wants to get divorced also, though we still live together, but anyway, it's tough... If it's possible make yourself busy with some hobby or activity, mine are embroidery and walks with the baby. Things that don't kill us , make us stronger... Be happy with your baby!

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