How do I feed my 7 month old who wants to play while eating?

Babies are easily distracted, especially when you are trying to get them to eat or sleep. How can you get a baby to stop playing when he should be eating?

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When eating, is he playing with food? If so, I'd let him play. If not, I'd find foods that interest him and direct his interest that way. If it's toys, put them away where he can't see them.

This is a time when nursing babies "seem" to lose interest in nursing and will pay attention to every little thing or noise around them. They suck a little, let go, turn their heads to see what's on the TV or who came into the room, play with their mother's noses, etc. I said "seem" because they aren't losing interest but rather becoming aware of people, TVs, dogs, cats and all the noises everything around him makes, and that's where his attention goes.

Where I'm going is that I think this is an age where it's hard to capture their interests with anything, even food. . . . So I say let them play and explore at the same time.

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I talk to my 8 month old while she eats, I also teach her the signs (American Sign Language) for "eat" the stick the spoon in her mouth and we practice "all done" when she's finished. If she gets really bored I give her a spoon or the top of the baby food jar or a carrot stick, she doesn't have teeth yet so she can't bite it off and it helps with her teething. We always eat with our children as a family to promote family togetherness. Seeing her big brother, daddy and mommy eat, makes her want to eat too. And if its soft let them eat it. Mashed potatoes, applesauce, it's exciting for them to eat what your eating.

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Why would I want him to stop playing? Food in the first year is for fun! I do baby led solids, where essentially you give the baby food and they play with it. Eventually some ends up in their mouth....not sure why this is an issue...

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play along with him and make a game out of it.

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Let them play. Playing is how children learn how to do the things they will one day not do in play. My 17 month old has taken to playing with the broom and pretending to sweep (never said he was good at it mind you), to "help" mommy. Someday this will actually be helpful. For now, it is a playing child having the time of his young life. My 7 month old also plays with his food. He is learning how to eat off a spoon. Children play. That is what makes them so free and innocent. When they realize life is no longer a game, I hope my kids are not as young as I was. I hope they play as long as they can before the world comes crashing down on them. Until then, everything is a game.

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Try making it fun buy having him mimic you by you opening your mouth or the choo choo train

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I don't plain and simple. I get play to help them to eat..when they are little they play with their food in many ways and sometimes they get some food in them and sometimes its a lot of food..depending on what we play like choo choo train or airplane. my oldest son is now going on 4 and if we have something for supper he do not like i still let him play at the table to get him to eat but we play games like knock jokes and after every joke he has to take a bit. I must say though getting my baby to eat is sooo much easier then getting my toddler to but it works.

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My baby is the same way. I keep all his toys away when its time to eat or sleep. I only feed him in his high chair or if we are at grandma's, he eats in his booster seat at the table with everyone else eating. When he sees other people eating, then he wants to eat his own food. If he is playing with his food, I just let him play. For bed time, all toys are kept away so he can just go to sleep. I keep only a night light on for him and a cd of lullabies. Also, he gets a warm bath with the sleepy time bath and lotion before bed.


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