How do I find time to take a shower and get dressed while my 10 month old is always at my feet?

Babies are quite a handful when you are taking care of them alone. What should you do when you need to shower or get ready when you are watching a very young child by yourself?

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The other answers are great ideas, but when my daughter was especially clingy, I actually put her in the shower with me. I put down a rubber mat, topped with a towel, gave her some bath toys and let her sit there and play with the water - she LOVED it! Luckily she loved the water so much she stayed still and sat. If your child doesn't sit still, it could be dangerous. Use your best judgement as all kiddos are different.

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When my little guy was younger (he's 2 now) I would buckle him into one of thoes great vibrating bouncy seats. I would put him in the chair on the floor in the bathroom and would sing to him while i showered. The sound of the water made for great background music. Even if our child is walking, using these seats works. I would also suggest maybe one of thoes traveling booster seats that has a tray on it. YOu can still lock them up and give them a book or toy to use on the tray.

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I basically did the same thing. We didn't have room for a play pen in the bed room. After a while I would even set up her high chair and have her eat breakfast while I showered (our dinning room was at most 4 feet from the bathroom). I kept the door open so I could hear if she needed anything.

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Depending on the age I would put them in a bouncer or a pack n play in the bathroom and play peek a Boo with them while I take a shower. works and is fun for the kid....

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Evey child sould have "his own time" or quiet time as you should
Put him in a safe enviroment Play pen Play room and give him his favorite things to keep him occupied
By doing this it shows him to have respect for you and to be more independent
I am a firm believer of explaining things to children from Birth
Tell him what your intention is and where you are going to be and that should enforce his security As long as he is safe You should be able to take some time for yourself

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My girl is now 17 months old but I put her in her cot with a few toys and books and let her play in there while I have a shower and get dressed. Her room is very close to the bathroom so that helps so she can hear me but if she is having a clingy day when she was younger I used to set up the portable cot in the bathroom or put her in the bottom of the shower with me with toys - she loved that too.

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I had a travel cot/play pen in the bedroom for my daughter. She loved playing in it and she could see me while I showered and dressed. I had one downstairs too for when I had to answer the door or do bigger household jobs. I think she liked having her own space and quiet time.... and I knew she was in a safe environment even if I couldn't see her every second.

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My LO is 9 months, so I know how hard it is to get simple things done. If you have a play pen, you could place some toys in there and then put it in an area where you can see and hear your LO. Since we've gotten ours I can take showers and she even watched me work out while she played. She does still fuss when I leave her in it sometimes,so I make sure I don't leave her in it too long of course. But its great when I need to make sure she's safe while I take care of something.

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I'm in the same boat. I try to wait until she naps, I put her on a schedule, she sleeps until 9:00 to 9:30am, then from 11:30 until 1;30, then to bed at 9:30 or 10pm for the night. so that's my vacation time, I would recommend you putting her on a schedule. Now I have a peace of mind with her '''but'' I still have 9 other kids to deal with, 1 is special needs and he can't talk. But that's a nother chapter in my crazy ife.

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