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How do I get my 3 year old daughter to not only use the potty at daycare, but at home also?

She might have learned to use the potty at daycare but hasn't translated it to using the potty at home. What can you do to help her understand?

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9  Answers

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Make sure that you provide the same comfort and ease at home. For example, the toilet at the day care may be at her level. Get her a stepping stool that will make her feel more comfortable with using it at home as well. If the toilet at the daycare is smaller, suiteable for children, and the one at home is for adults she may feel like she might slip in, get her one of those cushioned seats so that she feels safe.

It is important to make things kid friend for our children, so that they can become independent.

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My 3yr old son has a responsibility chart, and a separate potty chart which is only a piece of paper that i bring everywhere with me. he is totally uninterested in potty training but the chart helps! he gets a sticker for every time he goes potty.. and after so many stickers he gets a spiderman popsicle lol. it seems to help... good luck!

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I do the sticker at home every time he pee's , when he poop's, he gets 3 or 4 stickers and a little present!

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I just got my 3 year old to use the potty. She would use the Potty at Nana's house, but never at home. I could see that she wanted to use the potty, but I think there was a Fear Factor involved. What I did was I got her one of those Soft Potty rings with a tv character that she really liked (we opted for Dora!). I decided to do the what I called the Potty Boot Camp method. As a stay at home Mom, I only had to decide when to put this into action. I made the decision to Stay Home for 2 straight days, ditch the Diaper and every 10-15 mins I put her on the Potty and asked her to try to go for me. We skipped Nap Time and everything and only broke the Cycle for Meals and Bed Time. She got a treat for going on the potty and a big, hearty "That was a good Try!" every time she sat there for a couple minutes but nothing happened. For the most part, every time there was a commercial on one of her shows, she went up on the potty and ran around Naked for the rest of the time, at Bedtime she got a diaper. That first day was hard but the second day she seemed to understand a little better adn by the end of the night, she hopped up on her stool, climbed up on the potty and would call out "Mommy, I went Potty!" from the bathroom. Three days later, She will ask occasionally for a diaper but She'll go right in whenever she has to go and only needs help with the wiping part. And we take out Potty Seat out with us to keep her on track! Good Luck, Mama!

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Jackie, EXCELLENT Parenting MOM!! You are a Mom that FOR SURE deserves the title 'SUPER MOM'! Congratulations for doing what so many parents now a days say they just don't have time for...taking a couple days off and help their child(ren) learn a new feat! Way To Go!! p.s. Please tell your little girl that a 'friend' from here says...YEA~YOU'RE A BIG GIRL!

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I'll be honest i had the same problem until I started making the water in the toilet blue. Believe it or not it worked my daughter is three and is going to the potty and no longer wearing pull-ups. So don't worry about the expensive toys and gadets; get a 50 bottle of blue food coloring and she and you will be well on your way. I was surprised that it worked but hey it did so try it ;) Of course at daycare you can't put the color in the toilet but at least at home she'll be able to see for herself that she did it. Good Luck Mommy's

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Mine is the other way around. My daughter uses the potty but not in school and outside our home. She doesn't want to use the toilet bowl but only her potty chair. She's getting too big for it already. But she is very consistent at accidents. My problem now is training her to use the toilet bowl..we can't bring the potty chair everywhere all the time. She uses diapers when we leave the house. Good luck to us..=)

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Make sure your communication is very open with your daycare. My daughter is in a home daycare and I make sure I share all her home potty training accomplishments Ns what works for me etc. and my daycare does the same with me. We are almost potty trained now and being on the same page with the daycare really helped a lot.

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Don't push her... there is peer pressure at daycare and you have what is called "Mommy Buttons" children are very good at pushing them... Give her a sticker or an M& M or some sort of award when she goes at honme... she will be potty trained in no time!

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I trained my little one at home, but she is scared to use other toilets w/o a potty seat. I have to let her hang on to me for security. She is becoming more comfortable with it now - she has been trained for only one week! My first child was trained at daycare, also on a toilet. Potty chairs become the "only" potty a child will use and you end up taking it w/you everywhere - inconvenient and not always available for use everywhere! Good luck to you - invite her to potty often until she realizes that she has to use the potty at home as well.

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how about rewarding her to get it started then once shes doing it you can slowly take away the rewards as she should be doing it all the time then. or use a chart,,i use one for good bad behavior and it works believe it or daughter was acting terrible so for every great week and( we dont expect perfect behavior -but no tantrums or major discipline issues) she earns the next weeks privelidge of going to gymnastic camp which is only 9-12 mon-fri but its mommy sanity really so making her feel she has to earn it keeps her pretty much in line a far as behavior,,and i chart it with smiley sticker or give your child stickers on her hand i buy all different ones she hasnt seen or doesnt have this may work if your child likes stickers-whatever they like id buy small stach of it and start randomly giving them out when she does go at home..they go at school bc of peer pressure!! at home it doesnt matter right? hmm update us what actually ends up working!! good luck


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