How do I get my 4 month old to sleep without a tight swaddle?

How can you get your baby to start sleeping without a tight swaddle? What is the best way to transition your baby away from having a swaddle at night?

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Try and find another soothing mechanism. Music, wave machine, white noise, maybe a nicely wighted blanket that is breathable. Remember babies are used to tight quarters, they know what that feels like and are comfortable that way. My son never liked the swaddle, because he slept with his hands in the air. So, I used music and a really fuzzy loose blanket for him. When he moved from the moses basket to his crib, I would often find him smooshed in the corner up against the bumpers in his crib. I would go in half way through the night and move him back to the middle, but he was always back in the same spot. Find what works for your little angel and go for it.

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My kids loved music. It doesn't matter if you have to put on fantasia for the 14th time, if they love it they will sleep. My kids hated being swaddled after about 6 months but they both loved music. (mostly mommy singing) They also went to sleep faster after eating a big meal. Sometimes it was baby cereal or a lot of formula, either way a full stomach definitely helps.

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They normally outgrow swaddling at 3 months, but every child is different and yours might not be ready.

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Agree with Sunny- just give your little one a few more weeks... :)

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Definitely a good question. I stopped swaddling my 4 month old about 4 weeks ago thinking he was to old to be swaddled but I am regretting the decision a bit now as he has gone from mostly sleeping through the night to being wakeful during the night and wanting feeds again. One advantage of swaddling at this age is that they don't tend to propel themselves to the top of the cot when they are kicking, however I would personally be wary of swaddling a babies arms for much after 4-5 months as there is a risk of suffocation if they manage to roll over and cannot get their arms out to reposition themselves. I am going to just swaddle him again but leave his arms free and see what happens.


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