How do I get my 4 year old son to stop peeing in his room?

Any tips on how to get a 4 year old to stop peeing in his room?

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I finally found something that got my son to poo poo in the potty and I think it may help you. He would always poop on the floor or in the undies and I knew he knew what he was doing, so frustrating!!!!!! I don't know how you are on rewards, I wasn't to keen on the idea, but it worked IMMEDIATELY for my son. Go to the store, let him pick out some cheap toys, candy, stickers, whatever he likes. Explain to him that he will get one when he goes in the potty. This is what got my son to do it though. Now explain that every time he goes on the floor YOU get the reward for having to clean it up. If he pees on the floor, get a piece of candy and eat it right in front of him. I know it sounds mean, but I didn't even have to do it, I just told my son that I would get the treat if he went on the floor and he hasn't since. Give it a shot, I hope it is as effective for you as it was for me!! Good luck!!

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totally agree about the reward scheme-worked a treat with initially potty training our son, and we use it for other behaviours and situations too as it is such a versatile tool - good luck - tough love is necessary at times especially when you know they are aware of their actions

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My son is 4 and pees and poops all over his room too. I stick him on the potty then he continues to go in it. He doesn't understand what he is doing when he does it tho and he cannot communicate effeciently but I reward him with a sticker anyway hoping that he will eventually realize that is what I want from him.

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I would add a reward chart ...hang it up in the bathroom where everyone can see when he uses potty for him and a star for you when you get the is a form of compatition but it worked for my mother with my brothers!

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You've really just got to level with him. At 4 they can understand quite a bit. So tell him the truth. Tell him its gross and dirty. Explain to him that even animals don't pee where they sleep. I've got a 7 year old girl and and 2 boys, 5 and 4. Trust me, when it comes to things that are completely unacceptable, I explain it to them calmy but importantly. Big kid talks is what we call it. I get down to their level, make eye contact and explain exaactly what it is. When we do this, it hardly happened again. Good luck!

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I am going to go awhole other way with this - I have the same issue with my 4 year old - and if your son is anything like mine - he knows what he is doing - he knows when its go on the potty and when its not. I asked my dr about it and they are doing behavioral therapy with him (he does a few other destructive things too, like picking wall paper, breaking toys ect) my dr said its a passive aggressive behavior over something. When they are 4 they know how to communicate, and what they are doing. I would ask your dr, their may be other sings too that something else is in the works besides just the peeing.

It sucks to have to shampoo your carpet every other week ugh

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I guess I would ask when it comes to potty training do you com form a place of acceptance or a place of punishment. if you come from a place of acceptance then I think putting a potty in his room will help my now almost 5 year old then 4 year old had trouble leaving her room even though we said it was ok so we put a potty next to the night light and she would use it and she stopped peeing in her room. if you are coming from and angry place he might be scared to ask for help which is common in children and I suggest relaxing a bit and trying to be more accidents happen now lets clean it up and still put the potty in the room.

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pullups not a good idea! they are just kike diapers. we were forced into potty training my son at 1 1/2 cause he was to stalky to fit into diapers and and too big to fit in the highesy size of training paints. hes not fat he just pretty much came out as a toddler when i gave birth to him 10 lbs! anyway we let him choose what undewear he wanted and made a huge deal about it being excited telling him he is so big and handsome he gets to wear underwear! i cleaned up so many messes and accidents at home and wherever we went it sucked i felt like giving up i thought oh hes too young to undrstand this but he finally caught on. then when i thought we were doing so good i he would go into his room and pee or poo in the corner somewhere we thought it was our little dog cause our dog does that. then i caught him doing that at first it would make me so angry till we figured out he sae the dog do it so he wanted to be like the dog. so everytime my son doing it we would say in a loving way no thats not where we potty we go to the toilet and i would lead him by the hand and sit him on or to the toilet every time repition. and then after he went in the toiket i would give a piece of candy and.we would clap and cheer. but dont go back to diapers or pullups it confuses them. now mt son is 3 1-2 and hes so go at it u would of never thouhtt it was an issue! good luck

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OK. I have tried everything with my 4 yr old son. Reward system, telling him we would go to Chuckie Cheese, spanking him and sitting in the bathroom with him when he tries to go. He starts Pre-K next week and does not seem to care that he poops on himself. About 2 weeks ago he started trying to go to the bathroom and we even rewarded him for trying. So we took him to his favorite place to eat and play. The very next day he stoppped trying to go to the bathroom when he felt he had to poop. So he is back to pooping on himself. Nothing has worked for this child. I am concerned...

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I read somewhere not to use pull ups when potty training. They say pull ups are like a diaper to them. Ive done away with them except at night. But he usually doesn't pee in them at night I'm not taking chances bc my 3 yr old still sleeps with me and my husband. My son will go and pee in his potty all day, but when it comes to pooping he poops in his pants and comes to tell me. :/ he just turned 3 so I'm not as worried, but I feel as though he knows what he's doing! I've tried telling him he needs to come to me b4 he does it and tell me, but I just don't think he gets it! What is even more crazy is if my son his at his grandparents he'll poop in their potty, buy won't for me! He still has accidents there but he'll try for them!

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My 4 year old son was fully potty trained, but decided he preferred pooping in his pants instead of the toilet. When asked he said "because the poop is too hard". What do yo do with that??? ;) Our solution, was at first to make him help clean it up - and let it get messy... but that didn't work. Our second solution was to make him wear big boy diapers until he went to the toilet. He wasn't too thrilled about wearing diapers again... he had gotten used to being comfortable in underwear.. and although he acted like it didn't bother him at first, it started to become apparent that it really did. It especially bothered him when we went to the store... and I told him it was so sad I couldn't buy him a toy like I was buying for his sister because I had to spend $15 on big boy diapers. That worked like a charm! He hasn't pooped in his pants since! (One of our biggest things with this was not to shame him, not to make him feel yucky or gross or like a baby for wearing diapers - we just let the consequence speak for itself, even when it seemed like he was just going to revert to wearing diapers forever... we kept our mouths shut - because after all - I'd much rather clean up a poopy diaper than poopy pants! He figured out he didn't want to wear diapers all by himself...) Good luck to you!

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he means it is hard to push out you put him on a higher fiber diet make sure he get fresh fruits and veggies also maybe take him to the doc and make sure he doesn't have any allergies because that can cause constipation. That is what you do with that. being just a little more in tune can help a lot with miscommunications because he is four he doesn't have a full adult vocal yet to fully express what he means.

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Ditto. He's constipated. Our pediatrician recommended a little Miralax everyday mixed in a drink. I usually use juice or milk. Our pediatrician said it may be necessary for a few years even for kids with constipation problems. When I notice her grunting while going, I'll start it back up again. I went this route because I have a picky eater when it comes to fruits and veggies.

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I started eating two whole carrots a day and my kids naturally want to do it too, and my almost 4 yo is going potty 3 times a day with all the fiber! lol. but I did have a boy who pooped in his pants out of revenge. So we made him clean them in the bathtub and he stopped. I do like the rewards and "oh so sad I can't get you one" idea best though. Good luck

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My son was potty trained @ 2.5 y.o. I let him wear brief and constantly remind him that he had to tell me if his tummy is ouchie or he gotta do wee wee, at the beginning he had several accidents in his brief regardless i didnt act angry instead show him that i am sad and tell him i am very sad bec. I am very tired all the time having to clean up; then one day he spoke and said " sorry mommy i will wee wee/ poo poo next time in the toilet bowl ok?" 3x this happened and he apologized then the 4th it was a success without a word i rewarded him a piece of candy and told him its bec. He did a good job :) the reason why i didnt use the reward system ( informing him ahead that he will be rewarded was bec. I Dont want him to feel that in life he will be rewarded for everything that he is supposed to do/ learn) in addition, i tgink sending him to prenursery at age 3 helped bec he sees other children not wearing diaper and he is driven to become " one of the big boys" influences from peer is really impt. So let them be surrounded by kids of the same age that ARE potty trained already. Hope this helps :)

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Um. Sorry. When a kid is fully potty trained and they regress into not going on the potty, it doesn't matter if they're constipated. My daughter has been constipated PLENTY of times and not once did she ever poop in her pants. C'mon. That is not an excuse for a 4-year-old. They know exactly what they're doing.

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maybe he's not ready to be potty trained completely yet. put a pullup back on him and wait a week & try again.


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