How do I get my 5 year old to wipe after using the bathroom?

After you pass the hurdle of potty training, your child may still need work on some details, like wiping! How do you make sure your child wipes after using the toilet?

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yea i did a similar thing as the other moms. I used to wipe my son to show him how he should wipe. then i started to try to let him do it on his own. I know it sounds awkward but it works. i tell him to wipe one good time without looking and then after that wipe until he doesn't see anything on the toilet paper anymore. after that i make him wipe one tipe with a baby wet wipe that i bought for him. It's initially tedious but eventually he got the hang of it. It was more toiler paper control that you have to look out for after that. he would clog toilets if i wasnt checkin in once in awhile but now he's good after a couple weeks of repitition.

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i won't say its the best answer but it works for me!! I have a 4 year old daughter, i take her to the supermarket and make her choose some wet wipes she likes, usually showing her the characters one's. After that i tell her she needs to make sure she cleans herself every time cause otherwise (any name of the character you bought) its going to see she didn't clean herself and will get sad!!

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it took my missy a few weeks or so.... but just eplained what she had to do and how she would know that she was all clean. then every time she went to the toilet i would go with her...then remind her to wipe when she was finished. if it was a number 2 id get her to wipe and the id check after she had wiped..... now she goes all by herself no checking its reminding her to flush when shes

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I am having problems with that too. My daughter does not wipe to well so I bought her some wipes to help clean herself fully until she can learn to do it right with tissue. Reason is when I give her a bath, she always complains her girl parts hurt, but she has no rash. Since using the wipes, it has gotten better...

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Yeah! I'm having a problem with my 4 year old. He tries to wipe himself but when I get in there, there is nothing on the 2squares of tissue in his hand... I don't know what um gona do with that...

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My son is 4 and he knows to wipe but he doesn't wipe well. I think he can't really reach that well and when he does try he makes a mess so I am having a bit of a problem with that too.

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I have that same issue with my 4 year old boy too. He swings his arm back there, but can't seem to reach on the smaller jobs to clean well. When there is more there to wipe, he's able to get to it, but then he smears it all over. We use a combo of tp and moiste wipes (to scrub the smears). As much as I would love for him to be able to do it on his own, I still feel like I always have to be there when he's done with #2. At least until his arms get a bit longer.

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I use those wet wipes that are like toiler paper to train my son. They do a good job cleaning and feel soft. We had a rule to use a new wipe until it came back clean (and you had to wipe deep). It used a lot of wipes but he now uses just toilet paper. I also spot checked

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LOL, at the remembrance of their little arms trying to reach their backsides. For me, I pretty much did all the wiping for my son and daughter for a LONG time; I don't think they ever asked me to not do it anymore, I just told them I expected they were 'old enough' and had been through it enough times to get it right without using the whole roll of tissue. It just kinda worked out for us somehow. You may have to get in there and be the wiper though.

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I don't know any way else to say it....but just drill it into their head. my son is almost 3 and he loves going to the potty, loves the fact he's independent! It helps to guide his hand when wiping so he gets the motion and understands how to reach. Just stand there every time they go potty and go over the steps every time until they get it.

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Make sure he knows how to wipe properly. Give rewards and/or praise if he wipes properly. Also tell him he will get a sore/itchy bum if it isn't wiped after number 2. I didn't realise some kids still needed their bum wiped after 3 or 4 years old because the kids in my family could do it by 3. I got a big shock when I visited a friend in high school and her 7 year old sister called out to have her bottom wiped.

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For myself, my daughter is afraid to get poop in her hand. I tell her it's okay and we will clean it off. I don't know about others situation.

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My daughter just turned 5 and she is not yet at school although she could be anytime now (waiting list!) so I decided to put enfasis in getting this issue solve during this summer break since untill now, whenever number 2 the technique has been "call me" when/if need my help. (which is always)

I pride myself that I'm trying my best in raising her in the "most" eco-friendly possible way without putting extreme pressure on it ,so instead of using moist wipes (most of them had plastic components and that's why they float and not aren't quite flushable) I'm planning to tackle the issue of toilet quantities by using kitchen towels instead.
I think it might work because you could pre-cut a couple of pieces ready to use and still leave the roll next to the toilet in case you need more for messy cases; since the squares are about 4 times the size of a toilet paper single square means that you would probably need just 1 or 2 for number 2's (for pee-pee I will still use common toilet paper since a whole square of kitchen roll would probably be too much waste) because most kitchen rolls are quilted I think that this should also help in keeping hands cleaner and finally they are most cheaper.
Sticker charts, verbal praises, hugs and encouragement obviously is a most and untill they got "good" at it be patient, try not to make a big fuss when/if accidents and mess happens and as everything with child upbringing try different things untill you find what works for you both.
Love, L

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Hi i still think you as a mother need to wipe it at that age and leave the learning of doing so at school that is where they get the training. and when she/he is six years going for seven i think she needs to do it herself. I was so upset when she tells me that she wipe herself at school but when I mention at work they told me she needs to learn that is when I culm down coz i was about to call them and tell them I dont alow her to at home because she doesn't do it well, well that's only my opinion.

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Unfortunately you are misinformed as to what schools are supposed to be teaching our children. It is NOT the job of teachers, school assistants etc. to teach your child to wipe themselves. In this day and age of over testing and pushing more and more onto our kids to learn at even younger ages, which in turn puts more onto our teachers, they in no way have the time to go in and teach each child to wipe themselves. Can you imagine how long doing that for 22 to 30 kids would take? Get real, take some parental responsibility and teach your child yourself!

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