How do I get my baby to hold their own bottle?

What are some tips for teaching your child to start holding their bottle on their own?

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I don't understand why you would want your baby to hold their own bottle. Isn't it much nicer for you and baby to take the time to give them a cuddle while feeding them. Or are you talking about a toddler? If so, I gave my kids a sippy cup in their high chair.

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my son is almost 7 months and still hasn't mastured it but i love feeding him his bottle atm. ill help him to learn it soon but atm im happy feeding him :) x

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I don't understand why people are so judgemental. This comment isn't helpful

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I have 5 kids and in my experience (all were bottle fed) it is easier to ween them if you never let them hold their bottle and get ride of the bottle by the time they are a year so they never really get attached to it. By a year they should be able to hold a sip cup with no problem. 4 of mine never held their bottle and they were onto a cup independently by 1 year old. My 1st was 18 months old before she got weened off the bottle and it was so traumatic!

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I LOVE this idea .. my son is 7 months and I was considering cutting out the bottle right at one year and switch to a sippy cup .. thanks for the tip :)

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Just position it in their hand...if it's small enough they will catch on...

Some kids like to pretend that they can't do my little brother did at 9mths old..but if he can hold toys, he can hold a bottle..

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I don't have answer just a question. My baby was born almost 2 months early. She's almost 6 months old. She. Am hold her bottle but chooses not too. How should I help her to hold it up?i mean the bottles bigger then her hand but she can still hold it.

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Well, I don't have tips, just looking for some. I have a 6 month old lil boy who is very active. I know that he wants to hold it sometimes but can't hold it up for the milk to get to the nipple. I'm not rushing him cause I love our bonding but it will be nice every once in a while to just hand him his bobby and finish a chore. Any suggestions?

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im having the same problem. my son is 9 months old and he has never even tried to hold his bottle. ive given him sippy cups and he knows how to drink out of it perfectly but he wont hold that either. he loves drinking out of water bottles but that is way too messy. he can drink out of a cup without a lid too if im the one holding it otherwise it ends up on this head hahah. i dont now what to do sometimes like if im driving or somthing. help meeee

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Babies really should be held when having a bottle. However, older babies naturally grab things so at the end of a meal set out the babies bottle or better yet a sippy cup and they will naturally want to grab it and will teach themselves to hold it.

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use a rolled u towel under bottle at first, and bring his/her hands around bottle. Repeat few times. YOU WILL BE SUPRISE!!!!

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how old is your baby? I really enjoyed feeding my little ones and loved holding the bottle... I was disappointed since I couldn't breastfeed so holding the bottle was nice... but at the same time I have 2 kids so I wasnt always able to sit there and enjoy every second of it with my second daughter since her older sister was only 18 months old... at times you need to multitask more than you are capable of... and a baby that is independent and able to hold their own bottle is nice... The way that I sparked the interest in holding the bottle to both of my kids was (when they were old enough of course) I would hover the bottle just outside of their mouth... and she would try to bring her mouth to it but couldnt reach, then low and behold she reached for it and put it in her own mouth... and after that they wanted less and less help from me... it is the first step on a long road of independence and not needing mommy anymore so you will miss holding that bottle for your little one... though my kids both held their bottles just fine around 4months and once they held a bottle I gave them a cup with water or juice for snacks... so formula was the only thing they got from a bottle... and as they got more familiar with the sippy cup I took the bottle away, one feeding at a time.. and one of y daughters was off the bottle completely at 7 months and the other at 8 months...

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At what age did you start having your babies hold the bottle?

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I started off with a small bottle with like juice in his high chair leaned back and he would have to work and get his bottle up to get the juice out after awhile he was good on that in my bed I would help him a bit with a larger bottle and he would for a couple minuites and after like a week he was used to holding it all on his own


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