How do i get my twins to give up their binkys?

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My pediatrician gave me a pamphlet from the American Academy of Pediatrics that recommends letting kids give it up on their own. My 2 year old daughter is still using a binky but i limit it as much as possible, and she asks less and less. I am following that advice and believe its whats best. she gave up het bottle early on her own, so I believe she will do this the same way.

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tell them that the binky fairy is gonna come and get them cause there are little babies that need them and she needs theirs. worked for my twins

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I used the binky fairy when she became 2 years old. It worked! We put her binky under the pillow and stopped cold turkey--we warned her days advance, so she knew when she became 2 years old, she'd lose that binky. We had told her weeks before that on her birthday, the fairy would come for the other babies. She did ask for it, but after 3 days, she was fine. At this time, we only had the binky at nights....if he's still wanting it all day long, then take it away little by little. Don't give in.

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I have an 17 month old that is attached to the binky also. I only give it to her when it is her nap time or bedtime. It works but I have also thought about cutting the tips off of her binky (keep a spare), once they realize that it doesn't have the same affect then they don't want it. I also have a friend that took her daughter to Build-A-Bear Workshop and her daughter had placed all of her binkys in the Teddy Bear and her mom told her that they will always be with her. After that she hasn't wanted one since.

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I have an 18 month old son and I too am presently in the process of helping my son come off of the binky. My first step so far is I take it away in the morning and the only time I give it back is when it's time to sleep. So far he has been adapting quite well to this, soon I will try to see if he can fall asleep at night without it.

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I wondered the same thing for a while, so I spoke with my son's grandmother. She said he would eventually get tired of it and leave it alone. Now he only want it at nap/night time. I just don't want him to rely on it so much that when he go to school he will want it when it's time to nap.

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You need to just take them and put them up or throw them away . You can ruin your childs teeth with passies for too long a time . Tell them you can' find them . And they will look for them and give it up .

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I took my twins binkys away on their first day at a new daycare. We just told them the binkys went byebye and that they were a big boy and girl and this was two weeks ago..they are almost 2 1/2 and it was high time! They havent asked for them since and we are so grateful! You gotta just cold turkey and take it away. Out of mind, out of sight...besides, it causes bacteria to build up from their teeth, then they start having stomach viruses and get the picture!

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My son is 19 months old and I have wanted to take his binky away the same day I stopped giving him bottles which was when he was 12 months. His father does not want to take it away. My son only uses it when he naps and goes to bed. I will not let him have it when he asks for it and I tried cold turkey he just wouldn't go to sleep. I have no idea on how to take it from him without him freaking out.

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Me and a friend took ours to the zoo and put them in recycle bins and told them they were going for the baby monkeys we had no problems what so ever and they were 15 months and almost 2 and another friend of ours took them on a trip and just left them all behind, they did have a couple of hard nights but after that he was fine. I worked for a pediatrician for years and he recommended by age two that you needed to give up and how you do is up to you make it fun some cut the binkys and others have parties, just do not go back once you start. Good luck and also we asked zoo if okay to put in bins.

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My daughter is 2 and half and i was so convinced that at two i would take it away but she loves it so much i could do it but now i think it is time she is potty trained and not a baby anymore.. she lost it on her own yesturday and went all night with out it she woke about 2 times asking for it i would just get her to think of something else and she fell right back asleep now today we woke up at 7 and she has asked about it about 10 times but i told her that she lost it so she must not like it cause i also told her that is was up to her to make sure to know were it was so no more today is the first day and tonight will be the second night so i hope it getts easier... my first daughter didnt take a bikki at all so this is all new for me!!!

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Just take it away. Period. I took it from my one year old and it took about 3 days for her to get over... it's not as hard as you think. The first day/night is hard, but it really does get easier every day. And it's for their own good. My step-daughter had hers until she was almost 3 and her teeth had started growing inward. The older they get, the harder it is to take away... cold turkey really is the easiest in the long run, because it doesn't prolong it.


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