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How do I get an overtired newborn to stay asleep?

Your newborn is definitely tired but is so tired that they can't stay asleep. What do you do to help them stay asleep?

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14  Answers

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Newborn? Hate to say it, but depending on time of day, I have just held them bundled in my arms and rocked...My oldest three never got over-tired cranky but my youngest, 4 month old does. You can't worry about what you aren't getting done bc the baby isn't asleep at this stage. Hold them so they feel safe and loved. Nursing helps a great deal even if they aren't actually eating. Calm environment. Soft music. Lavender baths or just standing under the shower has helped many times. Older babies: we have had to put vibrating seat in crib, slow dance around dark room forever, rubbing soft circles around eyes and forehead til eyes close, breaking down and laying them with you, etc. I've never let any of mine cry it out, older babies maybe it's ok but couldn't do that great with any of mine. I have also discovered my newest will sometimes be happier trying to fall asleep on his side... Trial and error- each one has their own personality from day one :-)

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First and foremost swaddle. It works wonders. Second make sure your baby has a full tummy. if you're breastfeeding and your baby only eats for a few minutes then falls asleep he/she is not getting full. Try stripping him down and turning a fan on while you nurse. This will prevent him from getting warm and cozy and falling asleep at the breast. It did it with my kids and they slept 6 hour stretches from day one. It sounds cruel but you need to sleep to be a good mommy.

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The five S's.

Swaddle, wrapping tightly
Shushing, like the ocean or static in their ear.
Side, lay them on there side, almost stomach.
Sway, rock back and forth in quick motions.
Sucking, binky or your finger.

They taught this in my caring for you amazing new born class. You can do them in order until you baby calms down, you might not need all five. that shows you how to calm your baby and put them to sleep.

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Babywearing. A good wrap is all you need. Being cuddled up close on your chest recreates the womb feeling, especially because they can hear your heartbeat. Once I've snuggled him up, I walk around for a few minutes or bounce gently on my birthing ball, and my little guy is out like a light. He'll sleep for several hours this way, no matter what I'm doing.

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Try swaddling him/her like they do in the hospital suprisingly this works

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Make sure baby is warm and wrapped up tight. Remember - they are used to being in warm tight quarters and fed. Birth is very traumatic for an infant ... why do you think they cry and flail their arms?

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Been there done that....give your sweetie a massage. You know when you used to get growing pains, well think about all the growing babies are doing just in the first year! Try it with a lavender lotion.

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This women is a great resource for help w/ sleeping issues:

She also invented a sleep swaddler that let's the baby's hands come to their mouth (instead of by their sides) and babies tend to sleep better with this positioning:

I had so much trouble with my 2nd's sleeping and learned a lot from sleep consultants :)

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warm bath, swaddle, then will get him or her to sleep for at least 3 hours...then about an hour and a half later swaddle and nurse...and keep that pattern up during the night, just swaddle and nurse right away after he or she wakes up and keep that up. also, try changing his or her position after you nurse when you lie him or her down (for instance left side or right side) and you can belly sleep him or her without the swaddle if it is too hot.

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my 6 week old has just today decided that she doesent want to sleep!! she has been amazn up till now , typicl 1hour up 2 hours sleep... good sleeps at night -4 hours. now she is doing 5-10 min cat naps...? arrrrg!! ive tryd all the usual things ....anythin new i could try? Tired mummy ;-(

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My son is 9 weeks and I am going through the SAME thing!!

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i feel for u, my son is 2 1/2 months old and i still have the same issue, good luck :)

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Newborns shouldn't sleep more than 4-5 hours at most. They need feeding, changing and interaction every few hours. The only thing that worked for one of my kids though was a baby swing! Really, NOTHING else worked! Good luck!

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Sometimes baby's get over stimulated. Try to make sure when it gets close to sleep time that you do calm things. No tummy tickles or play. A warm bath with lavender baby soap. A warm bottle while swaddled tightly in a blanket. Baby's feel safe and comforted when swaddled in a blanket. Just make sure they can still have circulation. Unfortunately, some times you just have to let them fuss and cry it out. Crying relieves stress, even at that age. I have raised 6 babies of my own. Its tough some times and you want to always make it "right". Baby's don't come with manuals so you just have to find what works best with you bundle of joy. Good luck.

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Usually I'll do a clean diaper, warm bottle, then warm bath. If that doesn't work, we walk around for a bit, then he's out!

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give him a light oil massage n a bath, the baby sleeps for a longer period.......

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I let my baby lay in the crook of my back next to me.

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Co-sleeping is an amazing way to help little ones sleep better but the position you described is not a safe co-sleeping position. It is much better to lay on you side with the baby facing you (while you have the bottom arm stretched out and the other arm snuggling your baby). This is a protective sleep position. I have co-slept with both of my children and love every single min. of it but it has to be done safely.

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