How do I know I'm experiencing attachment parenting?

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When everyone is telling you you're going to spoil your child and you're doing it all wrong. In other words you will be going against conventional norms of our society and people will let you know it.

Your baby becomes your teacher. You get your cues from your baby. You then easily anticipate your baby's needs. And you feel there is no strain in your decision to promptly attend to those needs. It doesnt mean your baby/child will be the calmest or happiest. But the bond will be growing all along and the mutual respect along with it. Later on, your child will respond to you and teachers and others in a remarkably well adjusted way and will be a pleasure to be around.

Parental Effectiveness Training or PET by Dr. Thomas Gordon is the most important and only book you need.

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This "Attachment Parenting" title bothers me. What's the opposite of it? Because the meaning of it to me is a parenting style that encourages a close and interpersoanl relationship with a child. But it seems as if the title has a negetive meaning of sorts, as if developing that close relationship could be damaging in some way.

Is it just me....

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I guess Detachment parenting would be the opposite. And we often are encouraged to do exactly that. We are detaching when we let our baby cry herself to sleep, when we leave her with the sitter and cry again and dismiss her cries to be held in arms instead of her plastic "safe" chair, car seat, crib, stroller etc..... Which seems negative to you now? Many people do believe that developing that close relationship could be damaging as you say. Discipline and obedience is the goal. So letting the baby know whose Boss becomes the goal and Attachment parenting is not conducive to this goal. Thank you for posting your opinion Jacomina

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