How do I know when I'm ready for another child?

Choosing to have another child is big decision no one ultimately decides besides you and your partner. What helped you through the process of deciding whether or not to have another child?

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when the last one is potty trained. :-)

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I don't think you are ever 100% certain if you are ready to have another child. You can always wait to be a bit more secure financially, or wait until your older child is a bit more mature... But bottom line is that it will be difficult no matter when... and a blessing, too!

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when your other baby can walk and understand what your saying. i want another baby prefably a boy but i gotta get my baby to walk and talk first lol

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when God chooses that time.

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we both want two. I said if I'm meant to be pregnant with another child then ok. If not, he is fine with the one girl we have.

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My son is 33 months old and i m ready for another child, but my husband says NO.
I dont know how to convince him.
How'd be the best way to make him know that my olde one needs a brother or sister, and we need one more to complete the family?
HELP, PLEASE!!!!! I dont want that my son gets to big before having a mate.

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I have 2 children now...37 months and 19 months. Oldest is a girl and youngest is a boy. Everyone says why would you want another one? You have the perfect family, a boy and a girl. I don't feel the same way. I grew up the middle of 5 children and I loved having 2 brothers and 2 sisters. My hubby wants another one...eventually...but eventually isn't what I want...I want one now...I love that my 2 children are so close in age and I'm still so young I have the energy to take care of them...I keep trying to tell him if I get pregnant now our oldest will be 2 months shy of 4 years old and our youngest will be almost 2 1/2 by the time the new baby would be born. Help! How do I get him to want another one now?!

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Hi Alizabeth :) My name is Annemare and I know it's already 2014 now but I feel exactly the same way you do and not sure if you did have another baby already?? We have two sons and I really want to have another baby and also don't want the gap to be too big between the kids, but hubby doesn't want to bite right now because we are battling a bit financially and I just don't know what to do, I'm only 29 and he is 35 so we are still young and everything. Or do you think I'm just thinking of myself because I want to have another child? We also grew up with three in the house, sadly my brother passed away when he was 17 but it's really nice growing up with other syblings??

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Grace: it's not at all easy to decide together. At least not for me. Going into the marriage, I wanted 4 and hubby wanted 2. We agreed on 3 as a compromise. However, since we've had #2, our second boy, he has made it clear that he really isn't interested in having any more. He knows I've always dreamed of having a girl and that 2 is not a complete family to me. He knows that if we don't try one more time for a girl (if we have another boy I would be fine with that) it will drive me crazy and I'll always wonder if I could've gotten my baby girl. I just feel like there is a piece of my family missing and it hurts me terribly. I can't force him to have another baby. Don't know what to do except pray.

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I totally understand this. It really hurts when you don't know if something you have dreamed of or anticipated for so long - a dream that is part of your identity - suddenly becomes out of reach or at least seems that way. It can be so hard to let go especially when you feel you're not the one making the choice to let go. But you never know what the future will bring. Good luck.

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My husband would have been happy w/ our oldest daughter, and no more. Except that he knew that I would have been incomplete & miserable w/o anymore babies. We now have 3 girls, and our youngest is 19 mths. When I was pregnant for her, he wanted me to get my tubes tied. When he & I met w/ my midwife she knew that I wasn't rdy to do that, and he could see that also. We are currently trying for our 4th baby. I heard a really amazing quote a while back..."You will never regret having another baby, but someday, you might regret NOT having one." When I told that to my husband, it just clicked right away for him, and he was right on board w/ one more! Try that one on your husband, it might just work;) Good luck to you!

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My husband and I have not made a mutual decision he thinks we should be on miracle number 3 by now and in an ideal world we would be. We haven't had a second child yet because I can't bare the repeat of my first pregnancy with him and taking care of our daughter by myself and being called lazy and having my child raising criticized. I've made it very clear that we will not have any more children until he learns to do more than just pay the bills. He needs to treat me and the children better than he does currently. If I wanted to raise our daughter alone, I never would have married him and he could just pay child support and have visitation which is pretty much how it's been the last three years. I'm sure it's much easier to make a mutual decision for other couples/ families.

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i have a almost 4year old girl and when i was with her father i swore up and down i would not have another one for the same reasons you do not want another, after he left and i took care of her by my self for 2 years (NOT EASY) My fiancee came into my life, he is so wonderful with her and me , he wants kids, my mind has changed about having another one but i still have that thought in the back of my mind What If...... its scary but I know i am strong and If i had to go it alone again I could, But I know that the man I am marrying will b there no matter what....

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Thanks Kathy and Kristina

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"You will never regret having another baby, but someday, you might regret NOT having one". That is so true, unfortunately my husband only wants one and I don't know how to convince him to have a second. My daughter is 6 years old and wants a sibling and I want that for her. He just says no and that's that. Pauline

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