How do I prevent my baby from grinding his/her teeth?

Let's face it, even us grown-ups often grind our teeth! To get a child to stop grinding, let alone ourselves, can be a challenging affair. How do you get your children to stop their grinding?

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My daughter will start grinding her teeth but if I give her something safe for her to chew on (teething ring, wash cloth, or chewable food). It seems to distract her from grinding her teeth.

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Until I read this question, I'd completely forgotten that my daughter used to grind her teeth. At the time, it really bothered my husband and I! But I read that it was probably something she would outgrow, and sure enough, she did! It's just a quick phase!

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I talked to my daughter's pediatrician about this because we've had the same issues. She said it was fairly common for younger children to grind their teeth while they are still teething but if she was still doing it after they all came in that we should talk to her dentist about it. In the mean time there really isn't anything you can do to prevent it. We just had to wait it out and happily she hasn't done it in almost a year!

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My son outgrew it. Most kids do, it is normal.

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My daughter did it for a couple weeks. Drove me nuts, but she hasn't done it recently. So I guess it is something they get over.

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I give my son something to eat, just like a baby-pie. that he can grind safely and health.

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Ugh I wish I knew! My little guy is almost 3 and has chips out of the top front teeth from grinding them. Dentist didn't have many suggestions for us, doesn't create a cavity type thing but looks bad. He must do it just when sleeping cause I never hear/see him doing it.

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My mother grinds her teeth, my sister do it badly and I do as well. My daughter of almost 5 been doing it since a baby and still does it. Can it be genetic?

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minerals. magnesium, calcium. Calming substances.
Magnesium is really important at this stage.
Here is a safe and natural remedie that worked like
gang busters for us: Calms Forte by Hyland
a natural homeopathic treatment for moms and the kids/babes.
Very calming, great for teething, crabby and fussy times~!

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