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How do I relieve a 5 month old baby's stuffy nose without a nasal aspirator?

When babies get stuffy noses, what can you do to help make them feel better?

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20  Answers

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my mom taught me this disgusting trick but it works. hold ur babies head like u r ready to give cpr hold the head by the jaws and blow in the mouth hard enough until u see snot fly out. it work wonders for me. eww!

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That is absolutely the most dangerous thing I have ever heard someone do to there baby! You can cause all kinds of problems doing that not to mention your completely causing your lo to loose their breath and ojt tremendous pressure on all the wrong stuff! This method is just mean and cruel! PLEASE nobody try this atball on your lo!!! I work at a hospital and this is extremely bad advice !!!!

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I did this to both of my children and it does work... I just hate the snot getting on me... But it's okay because I got the nose clean

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Keep your baby elevated when sleeping. Fold a blanket and put it under mattress or if in crib u can put pillow under, but make sure it's not so elevated that your baby will slip. Also try the Johnsons soothing bath, it comes in green bottle, if u don't want to use that then steam up the bathroom with hot water running and door closed, after it's like a sauna, cool tub down with colder water and put baby in with or without you. My daughters seemed to stay in the tub longer if I was actually in there with them. I would ask your pediatrician about vicks because I have heard there have been studies that show it can ruin their senses in their nose, but it's all up to you. And honestly put saline drips in and suck it out, it's hard for them to breath, yes most babies cry but after 30 seconds they are fine again. If it's green or yellow go to pediatrician because they might need medicine. Good luck

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I agree, the Johnsons Soothing Bath works wonders. I use baby chest rub after. I rub the chest, feet, and upper back. I also took your advice on elivating baby, he slept great with no trouble breathing.

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put him/her in warm bath w/ johnson brand name medicated bubble bath.

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Use a humidifier and/or saline nasal spray use a suction bulb to remove loose secretions.

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Get a nice big onion, cut it in half and place it under the crib. The vapors should help clear the nasal passages.
If you don't want to use an aspirator (is that because you're worried about putting something up that little nose and hurting him?) I would suggest something I have done in the past - and you must really have the stomach for it (although it's not that bad), put your mouth over his nose and gently suck. I know it sounds awfull but I have done it for my daughter at the newborn stage where her nose was just so tiny I couldn't bring myself to shove anything up there and it works just fine.
Good luck

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If you don't like the typical aspirator, try the NoseFrida Snot Sucker (seriously). It works great and doesn't jam up their nose. Spray saline first, then suck. It's not gross.

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I use saline solution or if I have run out, I use warm water and salt. I also put a drop of peppermint essential oil on the collar of bubs pjs and that also helps with breathing.

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Ive used saline drop before which seems to work well or if breastfeeding squirting breastmilk up their nose. Some babies when put on their belly will rub their nose on the blanket can help clear out any boogies. There is also baby vicks you can buy. I used vicks on a tissue and put it in my daughters cot cleared her nose. If they have a runny nose elevating the cot when there sleeping is helpful, not with a pillow but a towel or blanket under the mattress or actually elevating one end of the cot if you dont have any pets that will knock it over.Warm bath or turn the shower on hot and allow the bathroom to steam up and sit with your baby in the bathroom :)

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The saline drops work well.

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my 3 month old gets hard ones stuck up there and a couple times she was snorting and having trouble staying on the boob so I just squirted some breastmilk up there and waited a couple minutes, she sneezed everything out!

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My doctor recommened warm water and a little salt. Put a couple of drop in in the nose and then suck it out with the snot sucker (not sure what it's actually called). It worked really well or you could put a small piece of a peppermint in the bottle with water, that helps also.

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Olbas oil on a tissue and waft it in front of them for a bit, or a few drops in a bowl of hot water nearby but safely out of reach. Vapo rub is also good for night time - little on their back and chest and it will help. You can try and clear as much as possible with a tissue, they learn quite quickly to blow so the practise of having a tissue on their noses is good at this stage. And I thought this was way gross when I was pregnant with my first and someone told me what they'd done... but. also for the open minded.. I love them with all my heart and there's nothing I wouldn't do for them, so VERY OCCASIONALLY I have been known to try and clear their nostrils with my mouth. Sorry if it sounds gross! But very gently you don't even need to get anything out, it can just help 'make a clearing' for them to breathe more comfortably!

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Rub vicks or eucalyptus/olive oil on their feet before bedtime, we did this with our son when he was small & still do it to this day,it gives relief.

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prop the cot end up with phone books under the legs... and also you can use normal saline and a syringe - can get this from the pharmacy - DONT 'make' your own as it could be dangerous! otherwise if you are breastfeeding , you can squirt a little breastmilk up there to help.. It's horrible to watch them with snuffly noses.. if only they were born with knowing how to blow thier noses!!

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Rub a tiny amount of Vics Vapor Rub or some other mentholated salve directly under or on the tip of their nose where they can't get it in their mouths. Try using a warm wet washcloth (not soaking wet but warm enough to steam) and having them breathe through it for a few seconds at a time to breathe in some warm steamy air. Or go the opposite way and have them breathe cold air from the fridge for a minute or two. Either way will make the nasal passages react and dislodge clogged bits. You could also try making them sneeze with a small feather to force some of the junk out. From

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Not sure if you are referring to all nasal aspirators or just ones that go in the nose, but have you tried the Nose Frida? It works great and is a much more pleasant experience for baby! That with a humidifier and saline drops does the trick for me.

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what i did with my little girl is i bought baby olbas and watered it down so it wasn't too strong and put it into a burner in the bedroom, had it burning over night and in no time it helped her as well as my other child

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Wait for them to turn 6 months old. Then you'll have a whole different set of problems. :)

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Be very careful with the soothing bath from johnsons. If ur baby has asthma it could trigger an attack. I had winter babies and I would put a little bit of mentholadum on the bottom of their feet and put them in PJ's with feet, but u cant really do that in the summer :( unless u have a really good AC

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I bought a humidifier from the pharmacy for my bub and found it worked well. Also they say you can elevate the head of the cot (I personally didn't find this very effective and the elevation caused bub to roll into an awkward position but you could always try it). Good luck :)


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