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How do I start using cloth diapers?

What are some suggestions for switching from disposable diapers over to cloth? If you have used cloth diapers, please share any tips you have for other moms.

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12  Answers

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I have been cloth diapering my daughter for a year and a half. I use the Bum Genius organic cotton AIO (elementals). I have 20 diapers and wash every 3rd day or so. I love them! I used disposables with my 2 older girls and really regret this, I wish I had the guts to try cloth before. You will need the diapers and liners (poop) I use bumis liners which I like best. Also you may want a tight fitting lid on a good garbage can, and 2 liner bags (one to wash and one to line the pail). I use country save detergent which I buy on, and have a few hemp diaper doublers to use at night. My husband was very against this, but now HATES having to put the disposables on her( (while on vacation) I bought my diapers on because they have a great test drive system, and I have earned 4 free diapers from them! Also read up on as they make the Bum Genius and have tons of info on there. When I started I figured out how long it would take for me to" pay" for my cloth diapers with what I was spending on disposable and it took 4 months to hit even, so for the last year plus I have not bought more. I have saved $1000's! My daughter just turned two and we are nearing the potty training and I will be able to sell my diapers for $10 to $18 a piece! Not a bad resale! Good luck to you!!!

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I am a fulltime user of MCN's (Modern Cloth) and love them. I converted from disposables when my lad was about 6 weeks old and started off with a very small stash that I would use then wash using sposies in between. I gradually increased my stash to get me through every day in cloth and 'sposies at night. As my lad grew, I changed him to cloth overnight. I have a number of different brands that I use (only one brand at night though) and will never put another disposable on him. Worth trying a couple of different brands before you buy your whole stash as every child is different, every nappy fits differently and you need to find what is best for you and your bub. Good luck, and if you are anything like so many cloth users, you will likely become a MCN Addict!!!

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I am old enough to remember my siblings in cloth diapers. Out a big old fashioned sanitary knapkin in at night when they are toddlers especially boys - LOL - but will save on water use and detergent

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it was hard for me too but i got help from someone who was doing it and it helped me stick with it. I love bum genius they work great. I also love there wipes. Make sure you have a diaper pail or wet bag. An easy way to do it is they sell bags that fit into regular trash can then use wet bag when on the go or just use wet bag. Also use sample laundry soap for cloth intil you find the right kind that works for you. Aslo dont forget to strip your cloth diapers when they get to much build up.
I love using my diaper spray to spray them even just pee keeps smell down and stains plus you dont have to touch spray better lol. message me if you need anything i would love to help someone and give back the same way i got help to br able to cloth diaper my children it was a great experice and i loved it when they got to old for it i was bummed because you fall in love with the cloth.

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When my kids were infants both were allergic to the scents then in disposables so I used cloth. I usually washed them every other day in Ivory Snow and, weather permitting, hung them outside on the line; at the height of summer weather, those hung first were often dry by the time all the laundry was hung!

One thing being somewhat over looked here is the older/bigger kids getting the right fit. I started potty training both kids just before they were 2. We were all done by 2 years 3 months. Part of the charm of cloth diapers is that the child knows they are wet/soiled and are usually quite willing to get with the potty program. Old fashioned training pants and consistency work!

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How exciting, i love my MCN! I was totally against them at first & only decided to get into them due the close age gap between no 1 & no 2 as the cost of disposables freaked us out!

Most brands have sample packs which gives you a good idea which nappies you like & work for you best. Also recommendations on close friends helps. I luckily had a great friend who was using MCN full time, I got the consultant to come to my house & do a demo. I chose Baby Beehinds for their value for money & ease of use. I started straight into full time with no. 2 & liked them so much got some for no 1 gradually building up to a full time system for both kids. I send mine to daycare as they don't supply nappies. I have tried several other brands, just getting one or two nappies of each & find my BBH the best. I use a sposie at night to hopefully catch the first poo of the day! But it may be sensible to try them part time first to see how you like them.

I use flushable liners & have found a brand where you can wash them a few times as well, so great value for money. You have to watch the creams you use for nappy rash as the zinc based creams will stain. I wash every second day using a eco friendly washing liquid & lay them over a clothes airer & they usually dry within a day or two at most. I use a wetbag to carry the soiled nappies in while we're out & have found they help with nappy rashes etc.

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I've been using cloth diapers for 5 years total with my kids. I love it. Instead of using disposable liners, I cut rectangle pieces of micro fleese fabric about 4" X 9 inches. You can buy micro fleese at any fabric store and since it doesn't frey, there is no sewing. Micro fleese is nice because pee runs through and get's absorbed by the cotton diaper. Poop stay's on the fleese, and rolls off into the toilet.

I also like "Mother- Ease diaper covers. They are breathable and don't leak.

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Absolutely love the system that I have.
I have 50 cloth diapers.
3 velcro covers
Bumkins Biodegradable Diaper Liners 100 Pack
Snappy (so you don't need pins, even daddy can do it)

Then I keep a pail in the bathroom with water and bleach under the sink and I wash diapers every other day with vinegar and bleach and dreft.
I have only been using cloth diapers for two months and it has already saved me well over $100.00.

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I switched over to cloth very late in the game. However there are many CHEAP pocket diapers that you can get on eBay, and several pages on Facebook for different brands of cloth diapers. You can also join Diaper Swappers which is a community much like Circle of Moms where you can purchased used & sometimes new diapers very inexpensively. That is how I build my stash. I love cloth diapers & wish that I would have started sooner. My husband was so against them that I never got to until I snuck them in under the radar. I am always up for answering any CD questions :)

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Personally, I like the ones that have the velcro or button fasteners.....they're more expensive, but you don't have to worry about sticking yourself or your baby. Get about 20 cloth diapers , a diaper pail w/ a little baking soda and water in the bottom(keeps the house fresher), and a few of the waterproof bed pads (you'll need them). You might want to invest in t-shirts instead of onesies. You can use plastic pants, but the risk of rash goes up w/them. Good Luck.

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When you decide to cloth its best to get single diapers just because your going to learn which diaper is best for you and your baby. As for dad maybe an all in one would be a good one to consider. My boyfriend doesn't like cloth but I picked diapers that would be simple for him to do. If your looking for budget friendly diapers prefolds are great and super absorbent or the flips. Every diaper is different for everyone so good luck on your cloth journey. It is the best decision I made for my daughter. Just remember the key to good clean diapers is enough water when washed and sunning them. Another thing is to air dry your diapers, much easier on them than throwing them in the dryer.

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I soo agree. It has to be dad friendly too. My whole system costed me $75.00, but it was easier for my hubby, and he changes more diapers too! Just think about the amount of money that you will save in the next couple of years.

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I used cloth for the first 14 months of my daughter's life, then had to switch to disposable because of her daycare. I recommend at least 3 days worth as your supply. This is ideal because it's enough if you have a rough day, but not too many that they're sitting around spoiling for long. Get an odor-free diaper pail if you don't already have one.

The key is getting as much off of the diaper before you drop it in the pail. A handheld shower head that will reach your toilet will work wonders. I know that this is supposed to be the way with disposables too, but many people ignore that for disposables.

I used Bum Genius. We started with velcro closures, which wore out within just under a year (were gunky AND were coming apart from the shell). Luckily they were still under warranty, so when we exchanged them, we went to their snap models. Obviously didn't use long, but they're nice, too. I was excited about the velcro for diapering a toddler that moves around quickly - not as accurate to slap some velcro together.

We washed our own, so just be sure to read up on cloth diaper detergents. We used Trader Joe's brand of powder detergent for them. There are many recommended brands for cloth diapers - but not Tide or Dreft or anything that smells good. ;)

The only other thing to consider is that if you get one sized diapers (what we have) they may not fit your large baby/toddler as well, and you may get more leaks. Even though the diapers are adjustable, they can only go so big. So you may need to - down the line - invest in larger diapers for a toddler unless you potty train early.

Not too hard to use cloth - we enjoyed it. Can't wait to do again if I get to be a mom to a second child. Good luck!!

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Thanks for the tips everyone! I have seriously been reading and looking at sooo many websites.... I have dreams about CD last night lol. I am very excited to start. My husband is not so much, but he hasnt seen how easy it can be. And I do 95% of the diaper changing anyway =)

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My mom gave me several months of diaper service which I started using the day my daughter was born. After I was paying on my own, I bought several plain old diapers at Mervyns which I washed by running through a wash/rinse cycle, another wash/rinse cycle with Ivory Snow, and followed with two more wash/rinse cycles, then the dryer. It might sound like alot of washing/rinse cycles but I'm convinced that (1) using Ivory Snow and (2) the two extra cycles at the end which essentially were four rinses gave me the softest and most well rinsed diapers. My daughter NEVER had a rash with the cloth diapers, and she used them until she was urinating so much during the night that even double diapers wouldn't hold the moisture. Unfortunately, I was forced to switch to disposables at that point. But I loved knowing that my daughter was in cloth, not in paper/plastic whatever. When we were done with the diapers, I used them as rags.

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