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How do I treat cradle cap?

What are some easy remedies for treating cradle cap?

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9  Answers

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I was told by my doctor to use head and shoulders. It worked better than anything else I have tried.

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baby oil and a soft brush. Good luck and God bless!

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so far the gentle naturals shampoo is doing the job i choose it becase its free of dyes, fragrance and paraben free along with this I also put vaseline on her hair to give an extra boost to loosen up the scales. it takes some time though i wish they never had to go threw that. I've ben thinking of using head & shoulders my pediatrician suggested it because it contains selenium i'll try that next if this fails.

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Nothing worked on my LO until I smeared her head with Vasoline and let her sleep with it on her head overnight. I put an old sheet on her crib so it wouldn't stain her nice ones. In the morning, I took a fine-tooth comb and combed it out. It comes right out, but it's dead skin, so it's kind of gross.

To wash it out, use dish soap.

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one of my twin 3 month old babies has it. my mother-in-law just scrubed it lightly while giving him a bath. It made it flaky but it's starting to look better now. my doctor told me that i can leave it alone and it'll go away or scrub it gently with baby oil.

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A natural method is to make a paste using baking soda and a small amount of water (to get it to a paste consistency). Smear this on your baby's head and leave for a minute before rinsing off. You can do this on alternate days until the cradle cap levels reduce. I found it much easier to do during bath time for obvious reasons.

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That was also my problem with my baby when he was 2months old. I used baby oil & massage his head, it only worked for a while & cradle crap comes back again.. Someone recommended me to use a very small amount of selsun blue twice a week (the red cap/medicated) and it worked miraculously on his second bath,and on the third it's all gone and never come back again.

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It sounds harsh, but try using Selsun Blue shampoo. My doc recommended it for one of my kids when they were little.

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I use olive oil on their head and comb it out. Try not to comb to hard cause it can be attached to hair so it can pull out their hair. :( which isn't good! Also we went camping and my youngest hair got oily on it's own and the cradle cap started coming out.

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I did the same (apply olive oil and brush it gently) and it worked perfectly.

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As above olive oil ad comb through gently

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I used baby oil and the little blue brush the hospital gave it's all the same just as long as it's oily and gently brush out treat it atleast daily and it will cure quickly...

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I also used baby oil with a stage 1 toothbrush (very soft) and gently scrubbed my sons head in circles. It came right off and never came back!

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