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How do working moms spare time for their kids?

What are ways that working moms can make sure they have time for their kids? Any good tips?

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9  Answers

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This question is not worded very well. We dont spare time for our children, we have time for our kids, just like SAHM do. I work full time but I do not make any time for my daughter. She gets my attention from the time I pick her up from daycare to the time she goes to bed. This is not time I have set aside for her, its just time we have together. I cant always spend hours and hours playing with her but the 2 hours we spend togteher after work are lovely, filled with songs, making dinner together and trying new foods. Just the sort of stuff I love!

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Exactly! The housework/laundry can wait until the children go to bed. My daughters get my full attention from the time that I pick them up from day care until I go to bed. If I have to get something done, they can do it with me. My children love to help me do laundry, dishes, cook and clean. We makes games out of it and turn on music that they pick out to make it even more fun. It is all in how you look at the time you spend together!

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Wait to do your housework and dinner dishes till after the kids go to bed. Take that time to spend with the kids so your house is a little cluddered for a few hours BIG DEAL your kids will always remember that you put them first.

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The thoughts shared by Amy, Tisa, and Theresa are right on point. I find that as Moms we are the queens of multitasking. I involve my 2 year old in most of my activities around the house while having my 3 month old balanced on my hip. This is teaching him so many things while spending quality time as well. I basically make my schedule work with my kids as they are the priority. And if you need to work in some time for fitness, I work out at the playground, and actually try to involve my toddler. Running sprints turns into a game of tag, jumping rope is hilarious or shooting hoops while he chases the ball for me and the little one is entertained watching us or being pushed in creative! And of course my favorite is lying on the couch with both kids lying across me as we relax watching whatever on tv! :-)

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It's not just about giving them your attention - that can be hard enough, especially after work when you're tired yourself and you're thinking about dinner/bath/reading/homework plus whatever you have to get ready for the next day. You might give your children attention but I would bet that half your mind is always on something else, that is just normal. I find it necessary to set aside the time when I can give my daughter my undivided attention without worrying about anything else for that space of time. Weeknights are so busy between pickup from afterschool care and bedtime, its not good for spending "quality time". The days I get to pick her up from school aare good because the walk home gives me time to talk to her. She is six now but she loves it when I just let her curl up in bed with me and watch a movie and do puzzles - weekends are good for that, ususally in the afternoons/evenings when everything is done for the day.

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I work as a school librarian so my summers are focused on playing with my daughter (she's 2 1/2). During the school year when I am working I get a couple hours with her in the morning ... she's awake at 5:30! My husband works in construction so he is usually able to pick her up from daycare and the three of us spend time together until I start dinner. We then have an hour or so after dinner before bedtime. If my husband is playing with her, I use that time to wash dishes so they get one on one time. I think too often we forget about working dads .... they did their time with the kids as well.

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I just make sure when I'm at home, I'm 100% focused on her!

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I am with Tisa, it doesn't feel like I am sparing time for my daughter. Even at work, she's on my mind and I plan for how our time together after work, school will be.

For me, I get to drop my daughter off at school before I get to work in the morning and usually don't see her until about 6pm in the evenings, when I get pick her up from my parents' place. I try to make every moment between then and bedtime count. She's usually had dinner, but we fix a before bedtime snack together, do homework and prepare for the next day together. I even make a practice of showering together.

Any chores I do, we make games out of and I let her help me out with the little stuff she can do. It's not always easy cause I am usually quite tired, but thank goodness for modern technology! Where would I be without a washing machine or microwave! They usually mean that I have some extra free time for my daughter.

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My daughter and I have a standing date every single Saturday with my two sisters and their children. We rotate who gets to pick the place and meeting time is always 12pm (unless the event starts sooner).. Past trips have included museums, zoos, theaters to watch plays etc..Sign up for updates from Time Out Kids or Metro Parents and they will give you a listing of the weeks or months free or cheap family events.Not only do we get quality time together but the kids ages 2, 6,and 15 get to really bond.

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I would have a date time for each kid it could be as simple as running to the store or out for lunch...we like to do lunch and then go to store...they get all my attention and no compatition from other siblings or home life..

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i dont work myself but any good mom will make time for the children i know if i was working full time i would make any time i had free to spend with my kids


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