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How do you confront your older child about a bad attitude when the new baby comes?

Sometimes, despite our best efforts to prepare our children for the arrival of a new sibling, the adjustment is just really hard. How do you cope with a child who develops a bad attitude about their new baby brother or sister?

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Just keep it real.
If you are spiritual in your household just ask your child "If the GOD we serve was here in your presence would you act like this or would you do that if he was present? If the anwser is no then your child needs to be reminded that GOD is never please with BAD behaviors.
At that point just leave it alone for you gave him/her something to think about..not for you to keep talking about the negative for your message will be lost in your yapping and your child will miss the point....been there..thus far we are good..

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We also need to let a child know that the God we serve is a loving & forgiving God and He is also pleased by good behavior & parents need to praie there children more when they do right & good in life.

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Hi. My ex had a very good idea to avoid jealousy: the new born came with a toy for his bid brother ♫

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You are the leader and the who they model themselves after. Continue your life and be happy regardless of the other childs behavior, it may help to convey some sweet sentiments about how they are so important to the family circle and its just not complete without them. Children need to feel that they are significant and appreciated. Human nature is at work here and you are not alone in the struggle, they will come along and be ok. Just like adults can have bad attitudes so can children no one is exemp. The next time he/she does something nice, shows some compassion or leadership for the younger child, give them praise and love for doing the right thing. Giving the older child a role as the teacher and watcher of the the younger, they are people pleasers and need affirmation of doing a good job. Humans are born inherently good and happy and positive its our job to help nuture that.

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