How do you deal with tearing during birth?

Until you've given birth, it's difficult to imagine all the different things your body will be recovering from. One of them can be vaginal tearing. What are the best tips you've used to recover in this sensitive area during the months following birth?

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I had a huge problem with this after my first delivery. I labored on my back and had a second degree tear requiring stitches. It took me a long time to recover from the feeling of searing pain. numbing spray helped alot but i also didn't want anything chafing my stitches down there. The hospital had these mesh underwear with built in ice packs for patients. They worked pretty well but I needed a new solution at home since I was still bleeding and pads hurt my stitchees so badly I wanted to crry. I made my husband go out and get a pack of large depends. I just wore those for a few days instead of pads and it felt better than the chaffing with regular underwear..Hope this helps.. IT is not a fun time.

I was really worried it would happen again with my second delivery but I think the nurse I had saved me. She kept massaging my perinuem during delivery and just spreading things out with her fingers. I didn't have a single tear that time. Good luck!!

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I agree..I had an episiotomy with the first and tore with the 2nd. Since the tear was a quite a bit bigger, I really don't know if there was any difference in the healing time etc. The ice packs and numbing spray was good for all that ails you after childbirth. I don't think I did anything specific (other than like someone else mentioned, using the squirt bottle to clean with) to recover from either.

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I had an episiotomy with my first and tore with my daughter.I used Dermaplast.It's an antiseptic spray the hospital gave me and it also numbs it a little.They also gave me a squirt bottle that I would put warm water in to rinse off with.The Dermaplast also has aloe in it that helps it to heal and keeps it from feeling so dry and from pulling so bad.It's great for sunburns,scrapes,all sorts of things.

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The cooling/numbing spray they gave me in the hospital was a lifesaver! I would spray it on sight and on my pad. I also used an ice pack on outside of undies, then put a second pair over it to hold in place for 10-20 mins. Took a good 4-6 weeks for all that area to calm down and heal.


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