How do you ensure your child's food allergy safety?

Peanut and other allergies can be a very serious issue for children to handle. What are some things you've learned that help ensure your allergic child's safety in regards to food products?

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My son was hearing impaired as a toddler so he had a hard time communicating and was allergic to bananas! I made a laminated banana pin that I placed on the back of his shirt that said: NO Bananas please! It worked well at new places, and placing it on his shirt on the back ensured it would be seen and he could not remove it.. I also became a huge label reader! When I made food for parties I always made extra allergen free foods I knew my son could eat in case the foods contained things he could not eat. I always make sure I am prepared for an emergency, you never know when (especially young) children may get something they can not eat.

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Food allergies are common in children. They can vary from a mild reaction to a severe one. Foods that cause allergic reactions are known as allergens. If your toddler sneezes a lot, frequently develops a rash, gets a stomach ache after consuming certain foods – he may have allergies.To know more on Signs and symptoms of food allergy

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We have a strict policy: eat only items brought from home or pre-screened packaged foods. Period. Certain "safe" restaurants are okay too. No matter what, each morning we run through a mental check list trying to determine eat meal. If my kids will visit friends, we have a discuss long before the visit regarding food. Sometimes I send over pasta and a jar of safe sauce. Other times, if I know the family well enough to establish they understand cooking for a food allergic, they might eat food cooked there.

The bottom line: create and stick to your family's policy and don't budge.

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She doesn't eat anything mom or dad didn't approve. That means I make her lunch when we travel or she's hanging with grandma. It means I have to bring her snack to Sunday School. It means I have to bring her a meal to potlucks in addition to the family dish to pass. It means I cook family holiday dinners.
All of those things are a pain BUT they are much less of a pain than spending time in the ER learning whether the reaction or the epipen did more damage to her.

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Need to learn how to read labels things are not always spelled out. I am allergic to peanuts,soy, dairy, sulfa and tomatoes. I have had a reaction from a vitamin that used tomatoes for the red food color. It was not spelled out in the label it was lumped together as natural ingredients. They do the same with the soy it is also listed as S M G, Lecithin can be either soy or dairy. Dairy is a another hard one they break it down to the diferrent particals contained in the milk such as whey, cassen, protein. I have a hard time going to parties people still do not believe an allergies can be a bad thing or that it can hurt in small quantities. We have to make our own bread because I can not have even the little amount of dairy that is in each loaf of store bought bread if we can find one with out soy in it. I have to take my own food if I go to a party, or to some ones house for dinner.

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Could you please tell me what can you give your kids for allergies?, for example when my son starts rubbing his nose and eyes, then itching in his nose, and stuffs like that. It's usually happening when he changes from hot to cold places. Somebody any recomendation?


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