How do you explain that child support is not just about the money?

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I have not read the previous comments, so this may be repeating someone elses comment. I apologize if this is the case.
I see child support a parent taking responsibility for the actions they took.
They can't be there physically, due to choice or law or other, but they still accept that they took part in the creation of this life, and are showing support for the parent raising their child, as well as good will towards their child.
In short. It's not always to financially help, it's just a piece offering / acceptance of responsibility.

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Child support is about the child. It helps to get the needs of the child taken care of such as clothing, food, shelter, utilities, doctor visits, and other needed things. It should not be questioned that the child gets it or not. If two people have a child and split up that child needs cared for from both parents not just the one left to tend the child.

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Child support is a basic right of the child. The amount of money won't matter, although the court decides how much must be given to the child. But to prove that it is not about the money, it could be a big amount or a small amount - it is the child's right to have it.


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