How do you find a nanny or babysitter?

Finding a new babysitter can be a daunting task if you don't know anyone. Where do you normally look when finding a new nanny or babysitter? What tips do you have for finding a nanny or babysitter you can trust?

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When my young family moved to a small town where I knew no one, I began to go stir crazy and realized that I needed to get some support .
I joined a really great church in town and before I knew it, I had a circle of friends, family activities to attend and babysitters that were eager to make a few extra dollars. It was the best thing that ever happened to me and thirty years later, I and my children are still friends with many of these people despite the fact that we have moved away from one another.
I would imagine that any community center,YMCA, or book club or play group might have a similar
effect. The church worked well for me!

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Put the word out among your friends, maybe they don't have that need or know anyone, but they could have a niece or nephew who is moving to yoru city to attend university. Or if you tell a pastor, perhap sthey knows someone who needs a place in exchnage for room and board. If all else fails, they'd know other pastors/rabbi's(, pick your adjective) Pastors get together at least annually, that may be an option. One could go to an agency, but if you can afford that, you can probably afford anything.

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I am a daycare provider, and find it is important to check criminal and child abuse clearances. Also, ask for references. If going with a daycare facility, make sure you do an unexpected visit, so you can see how it really is there. thanks and good luck.

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As a child care/nanny myself. I was chosen from and sittercity. I have had many offers through these sites. We have to make a profile which is free then a parent searching for a sitter/nanny pays a small fee to see your profile. You can request a background check which you or the sitter can pay. They are safe sites. The family looking for a sitter/nanny can also place an ad looking for a sitter. The search goes both ways. Sitter can search jobs listed or parents can search sitter profiles. It's easy.

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When ever I needed a babysitter and I was in a new area, I went to my church. I am of the LDS religion, and I knew the girls were more likely to have had experience with siblings, and relatives etc. plus I was more comfortable believing that they would actually be tending my children instead of entertaining a boyfriend! I was comfortable knowing their value systems. I have always recommended going to the church to find your babysitters. If looking for a nanny, I believe I would again check with the church for the same obvious reasons.

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I have always used a website called Nannies post profiles and you can search by various criteria including location. You can also post an ad and work from the responses. The site will do background checks and DMV checks on potential hires, which is nice. We have found several great nannies and sitters on there over the past several years.


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