How do you get back to your pre-baby body?

Sure, you'll never be exactly the same, but for moms with infants it can be particularly challenging to get in shape. What are your best tips for physical fitness for moms of infants; how can they find the time to fit exercise in?

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I am a Tribal Belly Dance teacher, and mom to an 18 month old, I dance a lot, so that surely helped, but when my son was real little, I wore him and did gentle dancing. I actually teach a babywearing belly dance class, it is great!

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I'm mom of four myself, so in the last time it took a little bit longer to get my body fully back. I started taking cabaret belly dance lessons a week after my youngest was born and after six months I was in better shape than ever... But nobody ever warned me about how addicting bellydance could be, now I'm having nine hours in a week minimum of classes :)

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I started walking while I was still breast feeding my second child. I would load both kids in the double stroller and just take off and walk. I know that is harder during the winter, but if you live somewhere that winters are mild, it may work. After I was finished breast feeding, I moved onto more intense cardio...tae bo, cardio dancing, zumba, kickboxing...whatever I could do. I also learned to cook a lot more healthy and control my portions. It takes time, tenacity, and patience but it is so worth it to be able to keep up with your kids!

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I am a fitness instructor and mother of 3 children. I also had those three babies in three years. What a challenge that was!! A new mom needs to be a member at a fitness center that provides childcare. I am lucky in that my local YMCA where I teach has free childcare until the age of 7 while you are there and working out. This is a must for all new mommies! Finding a physical activity that your body responds to is the next trick. Taking fitness classes is a great way to find something you love to do. Purchasing training sessions with a personal trainer is another great way to find things that you love. Another thing that has helped me is that I listen to audiobooks when I run or walk either outside or on the treadmill. A variety of activities, in-house daycare, and getting help from a fitness instructor or personal trainer are wonderful ways to get in shape and stay motivated. The biggest no-no for anyone is to try to do it all on your own.

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thank u for good info, I was wondering when is the right time to start exercising? when the baby is 3 months is pk or too early/late?

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Not all women lose all the weight while breast feeding. While I breast fed all 3 of my kids, I did not lose the last 10 lbs until I stopped bf. I spoke to my dr and she said that for a lot of women the body holds onto fat reserves because nursing burns so many calories.

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Swimming did a lot for me.
Get a jogging stroller. Make it a teaching experience for baby, and exercise for you.
Get on the floor and "fly" your baby on your feet in the air, great for toning abdominal muscles.

One thing NOT TO DO - do NOT cut calories, especially if you're breastfeeding. You will lose the weight anyways, so don't cut off the fat in your baby's breastmilk lol

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I know it is difficult (I've given birth to 3 babies). #1 breast feed--the baby sucks all the fat away. Honestly, if you eat a healthy diet, low in simple carbs, you might just get too thin breast feeding. With 2 of my babies, I lost too much weight breast feeding and had to up my caloric intake. As for exercise, once given to OK by your doctor to start serious exercising, I recommend Zumba.
As a Zumba instructor, I can honestly report that all of those booty shakes will give you the strongest and leanest abs around--a bonus is that the moves are super for the pelvic floor muscles! Do 3 1h classes a week minimum to see results. Also, wear armor (by this I mean a super-support sports bra if you are breast feeding) :)
Accept though, that your stomach skin after 3 or more babies will always be a bit wrinkled and saggy. But I live with the stretched skin as I think plastic surgery is too big a health risk to take for a little loose skin on the belly.

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Yes, I agree, Melissa. Breastfeeding helped me lose all of the weight after having my daughter. I got skinnier than I was before and I've always. Been around 100 pounds cause I'm 4'11''. I think after that, any kind of exercising helps. :)

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I got back my pre-baby body 28 DAYS after I had my first baby and 42 DAYS after I had my second baby. I was so impressed with the results that I wrote my journal.
I hope this helps many Moms out there!~

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I'm Dr.Rob a fitness coach and lead writer for Fitness Inked Magazine. The best way is to combine hard cardio such as Zumba or salsa with a new food plan that cuts flour and processed food. Go natural. Apples, white cheese, unsalted almonds. For more info, google my company Blue Dragon Enterprises. - Dr. Rob

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I used to go to a gym before having my baby. Afterwards, with paying for daycare, we couldn't afford a gym membership, so I bought a pair of running shoes and took up jogging. I didn't like jogging at first, but once I got a little stronger, I now actually enjoy the quiet alone time, It also doesn't take much time, jogging just 30 minutes every other day has done wonders.

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I have gained my pre baby body back by using It Works wraps! I loved my results so much I am now a distributor! I have gone from food stamps to freedom in only 4 months!!! I would love to help you learn more about these crazy wrap things... email me at

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Hello my name is Lacricia Sanders and I am an author and editor at Young Moms Club. I have had three daughters and have also struggled with body image. I have wrote a blog post ----> about losing weight after baby that I think can be helpful to other mothers. Please read and share your thoughts. Have a great day!

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body by vi, if you want to learn more message me. people on average lose 2-3 pounds per week

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I gained 41 pounds during my pregnancy. I was really fit before I got pregnant and I did a little exercise during my pregnancy. Its been 8 months and I still have a little fat in my belly, legs and I have a muffin top.I know my hips will stay bigger but I need help with the rest. I try to eat healthy, exercise a little every day and drink plenty of water.

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I am big boned so when I walk on my manual treadmill, I bulk up before I look like I'm losing weight. It also helps to know how your body works.

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Running helped me the most. 3-4 days of running and one day of weights and I started to really shrink in size and weight.

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By the way, I am a mother of 3 with one on the way and I have gotten back to my prebaby weight every time.

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I'm back to my pre pregnancy shape 4 months after my son was born, so it's definitely possible to get it back! I started exercising after 3 months and my routine consisted of walking while pushing my son in the pram (he loves it and I will usually go when he's about to have his nap so he'll sleep) for 30 mins 3 to 4 times a week, then doing 20 situps a day (if you can do more it's more effective at burning fat after you've exercised but only if u feel up to it and a few squats to tone the the buttox and thighs. It also depends on your metabolism and ur diet aswell but any form of exercise will boost your metabolism and enable you to burn fat. I know that it's also hard to stick to a routine because your looking after a baby & doing housework and preparing dinner. Some gyms do childminding from 8 weeks while your doing your workout which could be another option u could look into if your eager to start during the earlier months. I hope this has been of some help to you.

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Hello ladies ... i just wanted to tell u all about this amazing 90 day journey i just finished we all know we have a weight loss or fitness goal but its hard with little ones and husbands and jobs and whatever else u have going on in ur life let alone to find energy to workout and cook these elaborate healthy meals so i just wanted to tell u about this 90 day fitness challenge i just took ... s the 90 day Visalus shake challenge its for every body and evrey BODY whether u have 10 pounds to lose or 200 pounds to lose it will work for u ! its as easy as replacing a meal with a shake no its not a magic shake but is is full of nutrition and vitamins that ur body needs and doesnt usually get ... I started doing the challenge because i had gained 30 pounds while pregnant and no matter how hard i tried i couldnt lose it so i decided to try this what did i have to lose - 90 days later i am full of energy, way more confident, and down 3 jean sizes and 15 pounds ! i feel greaat and i am happy for the first time which makes my husband and daughter happy :) if any of this sounds familiar feel free to comment below and i would love to chat with u about the challenge and what it can do for u :) i am by NO means selling u anything i am just so happy with my results i am sharing my experience with u ... if in the ned u would like to try it out i can point u in the right direction :) thanks for listening hope to hear from u ! if i can do it u can do it too

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.. drinking warm water as oppose to cold water as warm to a little bit hot water hastens our metabolism. .. This is one of the many simple, feasible but surely effective ways to get back into our pre-baby body I discussed in my blog. These are tips I got from my Thai women friends, who have totally amazing bodies even just a month after birth. Check this out for more tips

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One thing which has not been addressed here is what the pre-baby body and ( life!) WAS. The advice here is good and really varies. Step one is evaluating where you want to go from here, given that your body changes permanently in some ways and will respond in new ways too. Also, the demands of your time/life are HUGE. For example, my friend went from a size 2/4 to a 8/10 because her size before was partly detrmined by her having over an hour every day after work to go rollerblading by her home. Not anymore! So that's what I mean by demands changing.

My advice is to try new things - and it is money well spent if you need it to get help from trainers and instructors/classes that really target specific post partum issues. Caloric intake is that last place you want to go, even if you are not breastfeeding. Nourishment is the theme for post-partum; you're re-building a new body that has just gone through nine months of phenomenal change and a traumataic event (childbirth).

I had a rigorous yoga practice w/ minor cardio before, during my pregnancy which ended in an emergency C-section. I was able to to do a light yoga practice even before my 6 week, but found that my whole middle section made me a worse "Apple" shape than ever before!!! Only after about 10 sessions (over about 9 months) of private Pilates, alot more aerobic did my body get back to "normal" but never the taut skin on my abdomen. I don't know if age has to do with it (I was 40), but it's like a pouch, not apparent when standing but only when bending or on fours :( . I've got great tone now and am the same waist size in circumference but fat distribution is different and nothing fits the same. I've been told that you can only get the Taut Belly from surgery. I, and many other mommies have also noted that hips literally widened from carrying a child to term.

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Swim, jogg, climb mountains, dance, do extreme physical stuff from time to time to shock the body then get a bit of a routine, then change it like a few months later..

It works.. also change your food, go organic, natural, raw as much as possible, less fats, leans meats, lots of fruit and veggies, and if you have help you can dedicate about 2 hours 4 days a week to this exercise type stuff..

You can let up on the heavy exercise after about 3 to 4 months and the weight will still be falling off..

In 9mths I lost 46lbs.. but I only killed over in exercise for about 3mths..sacrifice TV or pone talking time for exercise time..

I also used to go when the baby went to sleep..came home showered, ate and went to bed..but ate heaviest meals were at lunch, and even then they were not that hubby would babysit while I was out..

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I'm a mom of 3 and honestly my first 2 it took over a year to loose the weight. This time I made sure I worked out and did Kegels throughout the pregnancy. Then when I delivered I actutually started doing Kegels again right away and deep breathing exercises while breastfeeding. Now at home and we walk after his first feeding in the morning. If you really want to loose the weight you have to make the effort even when your tired. But still listen to your body and don't over do it.

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Jazzercise! Yes it's still around with current music. I also did Weight Watchers - that's my combination of exercise and eating right.

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There were some expensive solutions there. As for leaving your newborn in the free YMCA daycare- ew, I think not. How about eating healthy, find something low in calories for those times when you're breast feeding and just want to snack. I eat a lot of carrots and rice cakes myself. Also, try to take a walk with (or without) your kids once a day, or do a workout video that is broken up into ten minute intervals. It's not much, but it helps especially if you're breastfeeding. Work out equipment can be expensive to have at home but you can get a little mini stepper for pretty cheap, and, hey, it's better than nothing. There are many little exercises you can do while "wearing" your baby too, you can find work out vids for baby wearing and incorporate some of those exercises into your daily routine. Hope those suggestions help someone out there.

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I'm still working on it, but I did want to say that not everyone loses weight breastfeeding...some have the opposite effect. I breastfed both of my babies, the first for 12 months and the second for 15 and I couldnt lose a pound until I quit breastfeeding! I found out that some women's bodies just want to hold onto the fat while bf'ing and it melts off after they quit. That has been my experience both times. I haven't been good about eating and haven't started exercising yet but have steadily lost a few pounds since I was done breastfeeding. NOT saying this to discourage breastfeeding at all--I totallly 100% advocate it, but I wanted women to know that if you are not dropping the pounds it is normal too.

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I started running and walking 3-4 days a week. Start out with a 20 minute walk and a 30 minute run in a 2 1/2 - 3 miles stretch. Also, 130 sit-ups. I love it and now, I am actually running in marathons.

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Begin brief walks for 20-30 minutes daily 3 times a week, 4-6 small meals/day, lots of water and take daily wishes!

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I cannot offer early advice for those who had a c-section. After about two weeks (epidural delivery), I took a walk every evening for ten, then twenty the next week, then thirty minutes right after the last "night feeding" or napping when my husband was at home. Depending on the weather, maybe a stroller could work in other circumstances.The walks were gentle and I often would ask for a friend or relative stopping in to see our baby to go together instead of sitting down. That way, if I were too tired someone would be with me and I would still spend time with the visitor.

Breast feeding and pumping-exclusively for six months, then twice a day until weaning starting at 11 months-seemed to really regulate my weight. I started working again after a few months, and walking whenever possible plus stairs whenever feasible has kept the pounds off long term.

After breast feeding, I had to consciously cut back on portion sizes. I'd spent nearly two years eating more than usual and had to start paying attention to my eating habits. A calorie tracker helped me see where and when I was eating too many calories. After, I figured that out, I adjusted.

About 10 months post-pregnancy, I saw I looked flabby in some pictures and resumed weights/cardio once or twice a week. When the weather was nice again, I would go on long stroller walks with baby every weekend.

That said, I'm no skinny minnie! I've worn a size 16 for 7 years but can still fit into 90% of my pre-pregnancy clothes.

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For me it was just pure stress!! I almost died having my son through an emergency c-section(turned blue and everything...) so the stress of trying to heal and take care of a new born was tough enough for me to loose EVERYTHING within 2 weeks.And then just a light work out every day to tone up....and believe me your baby is the best work out buddy you can have!! Try holding your new born and do some lunges or rock them to sleep and get a nice little work out all at the same time!!

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